Angelina Jolie’s Fave Makeup Brand Just Went 100% Vegan

Hourglass, a brand of cruelty-free makeup and cosmetic products, has just announced its commitment to phasing out all animal products, making its range with entirely vegan-friendly ingredients.

Hourglass already offers a range of vegan-friendly products, alongside some that contain non-vegan ingredients, but aren’t tested on animals.

A-list Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is a fan of the brand even using their foundation on the set of the hit film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Hourglass has described its move to vegan ingredients as ‘100% cruelty-free.’ It is worth noting however that the brand, was purchased for $250-$300 million by Unilever in June this year which may leave some people disputing this label.

CEO Carisa Janes has said “[l]uxury is a combination of innovation and integrity, and our values have always been exemplified in our commitment to creating cruelty-free products. If we are truly committed to being 100 percent cruelty-free, we shouldn’t have animal-derived ingredients in our products.”

As the latest Google skin-care report shows that the number of searches for vegan has skyrocketed by ‘83% year over year in the U.S‘, so it’s may come at no surprise that luxury brand Hourglass is jumping onto the trend.

More than 40 countries have now banned cosmetic animal testing for good, making Hourglass’s announcement even more timely.

The switch to using only vegan ingredients won’t be instant, however, but this process is estimated to be completed by 2020.


To follow Jolie’s lead and get your own hands on some luscious foundation, brushes, or mascara all of Hourglass’s products are available from Hourglass’ online store and worldwide retailers. The price range is between $18 and $350 dollars,  so can be enjoyed by people with (almost) any budget.

According to Glossy, the “the brand is asking experts in the bio-tech space to find new ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality.” As there is an extensive range of existing completely vegan cosmetic and beauty products, this is should be an easy swap. Janes adds “[t]he majority of our products are already vegan, so this will be a natural evolution.”


Hourglass is also set to sell a limited-edition vegan leather makeup bag through their online store and in their flagship Venice store, the contributing profits of which will all go towards animal rights organisations.

Has beauty ever been so kind?

Image credit: Hourglass | addresschic