Animal Justice Launches ‘Paw & Order’, Canada’s First Animal Law Podcast

animal justice podcast

Animal Justice, an animal protection group that leads the legal fight for animals in Canada, has launched “Paw & Order”, the country’s first animal law podcast.

Hosted by Animal Justice’s attorneys Peter Sankoff and Camille Labchuk, the goal of the podcast is to make animal law accessible to everyone — not just those with legal or animal law backgrounds.

We’re thrilled to help bring animal law to the masses by launching Canada’s first animal law podcast,” Labchuk told LIVEKINDLY via email. “Legal cases affecting animals are in the news every single day, and the field of animal law is in the midst of a huge international growth spurt. Yet our laws often fall far short of peoples’ expectations. Our goal for the podcast is to help people better understand how and why our current laws and legal system fail animals, and what they can do about it.”


“Paw & Order” expects to cover topics including current court cases and legislation as well as other issues affecting animals. The hosts will also do “a deep-dive into select animal law topics, and interview special guests to add insight.”

Listeners will also have an opportunity to send in questions to be answered on the podcast.

Paw & Order will focus on Canadian animal law, but the hosts will regularly engage with international issues, too,” Labchuk says. “The legal issues affecting animals and the systems that regulate their lives are incredibly similar, even in different countries. Canada is widely considered to have very weak animal protection laws, so animal advocates in our country can learn a lot from jurisdictions that are doing it better.”

You can listen to the first episode now.