Animal Place Sanctuary Offers Nonprofits $1,000 for Making Their Events Vegan

animal place

California-based animal sanctuary Animal Place is offering $1,000 grants to nonprofit organizations that host vegan events.

The grant offers a one-time reimbursement of food costs to organizations that wish to hold their first public vegan event. The initiative is part of Animal Places’ Food for Thought campaign, which aims to encourage local animal, wildlife, and environmental charities to adopt “animal and earth-friendly menu [policies]” for sponsored galas and fundraising events.

Currently, Animal Place is home to hundreds of neglected farm animals. Through its new grant program, the nonprofit hopes to inspire change for the future of these animals, and encourage other organizations to see chickens, turkeys, cows, goats, sheep, and pigs in the same way that people view pets and local wildlife. The sanctuary also hopes to convince environmental charities that advocating a meat-free diet at events aligns with the mission of saving the earth.

“When farmed animals are on the menu at your events, it sends a mixed message to members and donors, as the very environment you are trying to protect is harmed by the industry behind the food you are serving,” Animal Place notes on its Food For Thought website. “Why alienate these supporters when veg foods are the truly sustainable (and healthier) choice? What we ask of your organization is that you seize the simplest and most obvious opportunity to walk your talk by adopting a vegan menu policy for your events.”

Animal Place is not alone in its mission; the Food For Thought initiative is endorsed by a number of fellow animal sanctuaries around the world, as well as by environmental organizations, wildlife nonprofits, companion animal organizations, and more. It also has the backing of a number of celebrities including TV host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, comedian Carol Liefer, journalist and author Jane Velez-Mitchell, and “The 300 Pound Vegan,” David Carter. 

“I really don’t understand how organizations that set out to save the lives of animals are eating them at their fundraisers and events,” Carter said in a statement. “I applaud the Food for Thought program for getting these organizations to serve only plant-based foods.”

To find out more about how to apply for the vegan event grant, see here.

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