Anti-Animal-Testing Billboards by The Body Shop Now in Times Square

The Body Shop are campaigning to end animal testing worldwide, a report revealed. The international company recently launched their first ever out-of-home campaign, which include billboards in Times Square, to encourage the public to join their fight against animal testing in cosmetics.

The promotion aims to secure eight million signatures on a petition which calls on the UN to implement a global ban against animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. So far, the petition has accumulated more than 4 million signatures.

For the past three decades, The Body Shop, alongside animal protection group Cruelty Free International, has worked to end animal testing in cosmetics. The Body Shop’s website noted that it was these efforts that assisted in forming the European Union ban in 2013. However, the brand pointed out that a majority of countries, as many as 80%, still allow animal testing.


This figure is substantially high, considering research has shown that 72% of consumers feel that testing cosmetics on animals is “inhumane or unethical”.

Andrea Blieden, the General Manager, U.S. at The Body Shop said: We’re so excited to continue to spread the buzz of our campaign and bring our petition to outdoor audiences through our first ever out-of-home marketing campaign and digital billboards in New York City.”

She added: “This activation puts us one step closer to our goal of delivering our petition and signatures to the United Nations later this year, and finally preventing animal testing in cosmetics forever, everywhere.”

The Body Shop collaborated with major media company OUTFRONT to “bring the campaign to life” with their intelligent state-of-the-art digital displays. The partnership has allowed the use of high-traffic advertising and will “help to drive action around this important cause,” PR Newswire stated.

The advertisements will be displayed from March 19 to April 16 in NYC’s Times Square. They will also appear on newly-installed Liveboards in Helmsley Walkway.

Those interested can view or sign the petition at any of The Body Shop’s 3,000 stores across the globe. Alternatively, the petition can be signed online.