You Can Now Share a Bubble Bath With Vegan Goddess Ariana Grande (Sort Of)

Vegan Celebrity Ariana Grande Named Billboard's 2018 Woman of the Year

Lush’s new “Goddess” bath bomb is inspired by vegan singer Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman” music video; Grande appears in a pool of glimmering pastel water while singing about her immortal powers.

According to Teen Vogue, the bath bomb concept was created in July when a fan tweeted the idea; Grande responded to the tweet, encouraging Lush, “omg @lushcosmetics I’ll do anything.” 

Now available to buy, Lush’s new bath bomb enables consumers to experience their own divine transformation from the comfort of their own bathtub – because, as Lush says, “bathing is believing.”


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“Goddess” features a “heavenly scent,” with jasmine, Oudh, and sandalwood – all Precious ingredients for a true goddess, lifting your mind to a higher plane.”

Mimicking the Grande music video, the bath bomb also dissolves into patterns of lilac and silver colour. According to Lush, “As each layer unfolds and sodium bicarbonate sends colours swirling, something divine happens to your body. Feel your muscles warming, feel your blood pumping, feel your strength.”

And, in a bid to convince consumers dubious of the bath bomb’s powers, Lush sensuously describes its value. The brand writes, “Legend says Cleopatra bathed in milk, but a true goddess bathes in butters. Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and shea butter melt into creamy waters, then a skin-softening slick of liquid gold argan oil, a holy trinity of moisturisation. Behind the shea and argan, are stories of empowered women’s groups in Ghana and Morocco. Not age-old legends of celestial beings, but real stories from Planet Earth of building communities and defending the natural world.”

Finally, the cosmetics giant asks, “Do you believe God is a woman?”

Whether or not she is a god herself, it may be unsurprising that Lush took inspiration from Grande. She was recently named “2018 Woman of the Year” by the leading American entertainment news platform, Billboard. This recognised her contributions to various social justice causes, which include speaking out against bullying, demanding stronger gun control laws, advocating for Black Lives Matter, and promoting a compassionate plant-based diet.

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