Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Say No to Meat’

Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer eats meat. The ‘Terminator’ star, former bodybuilder, and former governor of California has spoken up about reduced meat consumption on several occasions.

Having witnessed the effects of climate change, Schwarzenegger is passionate about protecting the environment. He has appeared in a “Less Meat, Less Heat” commercial alongside vegan director James Cameron, urging fans to reduce their meat intake.

He also recently appeared in a video prank on his own social channels. In it, he plays the role of a used car salesman, and pranks potential buyers by offering them gas guzzlers when they request electric cars. The point of the video is to highlight the benefits of electric vehicles over gas cars.

Schwarzenegger is a big of fan of vegan activist Greta Thunberg. He met his hero at a climate conference held in Austria earlier this year.