ASDA Launches Vegan and Gluten-Free Hot Cross Buns For Easter

With Easter just around the corner, hot cross buns and their many modern variations are lining the shelves at supermarkets, bakeries, and other eateries. However, due to the rising demand for vegan food and gluten-free options, UK supermarket giant ASDA have stepped up and launched the chain’s first ever vegan and gluten-free hot cross buns. Enjoying the food at Easter time as a vegan just became leaps and bounds easier.

Traditionally, hot cross buns are made with dairy milk, butter, eggs and other animal products and eaten over the Easter weekend. Although, in modern times, it is common for the buns to be eaten all year round. In previous years, Asda’s Free From Hot Cross Buns have been baked without gluten, but to keep up with the UK’s changing appetite for all things meat and dairy-free, the chain have removed all animal products from the recipe for the bread-y treats.

ASDA’s hot cross buns come in packs of four and are currently sold in select stores for only £2 per pack, however if you’re more of a sofa shopper, the baked delights can also be purchased online. While there are a variety of ways to enjoy these vegan buns that saved Easter, the ‘juicy currants’ and ‘zesty mixed peel’ go well with some classic jam or vegan cream, much alike childhood favourites.

“Hot cross buns are Easter essentials, and with even more set to be eaten this year, we want to make sure we have a bun that tickles everyone’s taste buds,” says ASDA product developer, Sonia Collins. “Whether you’re obsessed with chocolate, prefer a fruity flavour, or live a vegan lifestyle, we’ve got mouth-watering options, ensuring something for all the family to enjoy”.

With new reports showing that half of all UK adults are now displaying ‘vegan-buying’ behaviour, it is hopeful that this is just the beginning of the tasty new vegan treats set to be on offer this Easter.

Image Credit: ASDA