ASCPA Asks Consumers to ‘Detox’ and Say No to Factory Farm Products

ASCPA Asks Consumers to ‘Detox’ and Say No to Factory Farm Products

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has launched a brand-new week-long consumer challenge named “The Factory Farm Detox.”

The new challenge asks consumers to swap out factory-farmed products for a variety of plant-based foods, including vegan meat and nondairy milk and cheese. Whilst the organization does accept that some may still want to eat meat and dairy, it asks consumers to at least ensure these products are purchased from welfare-certified farms during the challenge.

According to the ASPCA, over 95 percent of farm animals in the U.S. are raised in inhumane conditions. The new Factory Farm Detox aims to help support a market shift to more sustainable and compassionate foods.

“We know consumers are more aware and concerned than ever about how their food is produced, and the many negative ripple effects factory farming has on animals, our environment, and human health,” said Daisy Freund, the director of the ASPCA campaign, in a statement“However, making better food choices can feel like a solitary and small act to counter a big problem.”

She continued, “The Factory Farm Detox will build a sense of community and solidarity among this growing group of concerned consumers and reinforce that together our actions can change billions of animals’ lives and help create a better, kinder food system.”

Participants in the challenge will receive daily motivational emails, recipe inspiration from food influencers such as vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli, The Chew’s Carla Hall, Smitten Kitchen blogger Deb Perelman, and New York Times’ writer Mark Bittman. Shopping and restaurant tips will also be available, along with discussion starters, label guides, and a list of welfare-certified brands.

“Big dietary shifts can seem overwhelming,” added Freund. “It is our hope that a one-week factory farmed food detox feels achievable for most people and gives them a chance to explore the more-humane food options in their local stores and restaurants and request them when necessary.”

To sign up for The Factory Farm Detox, which will run from September 24 – 30, click here.

Image Credit: Farm Sanctuary

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