Aspiring Vegan Musician Ellie Goulding Says Ditching Meat ‘Changed Her Life’

Ellie Goulding at an awards show.

In a recent op-ed in The Guardian, indie pop star Ellie Goulding openly discussed her vegetarian lifestyle, stating, “It’s changed my life.” The musician has recently attracted a flurry of media attention not just for her music, but for her lifestyle, as she claimed to be transitioning to a vegan diet back in January.

The British singer-songwriter admitted that early on in her career, she tried the “no-carb thing,” thinking it would help her remain thin. At the time, body image was a major concern of hers. “I was having to fit into the smallest dresses and constantly being photographed,” Goulding explained. However, when she realized that she wanted recognition for her music and talent, rather than her looks, she took a different approach to dieting. She adopted a vegetarian lifestyle.

Goulding raved about her meatless diet, which she has stuck to for just over six years. “I rarely have breakouts and my hair has never been so healthy,” she said. Further, the benefits of a vegetarian diet are amplified for her. She explained that as an artist, she can “feel everything,” and “it’s really hard to find a reason to eat meat again,” due to her newfound energy and improved health.

Although Goulding is an international celebrity, she is also relatable. She doesn’t pretend to have the perfect vegetarian diet and exist solely on green smoothies and salads. “I definitely eat fast food,” she admitted. She also noted, “McDonald’s wouldn’t be the top of my list, although they did bring out a vegan burger and I respect them for that.” She may not follow a strict diet, but her vegetarianism is one thing she is not lenient on. “I draw the line at eating meat,” Goulding affirmed.

In fact, Goulding is on her way to transitioning to a completely vegan diet. In an earlier interview with The Cut, Goulding said,”I’m trying to be a full vegan, I’ve been a vegetarian for six years. I was a vegetarian all the way through my teens as well. I’ll definitely never eat fish or meat again.”

To conclude her thoughts on her vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, Goulding teased, “It’s dangerous to become friends with me because you will probably become vegetarian!”