An At-Home Yoga Routine That Feels Good (Plus, a Snack!)

yoga routine

Get into the flow with an at-home yoga routine. 

On this episode of LIVEKINDLY With Me, Rachael Junard—a 500 level yoga instructor—provides a soothing and rejuvenating yoga routine for those at home. For her routine, she uses a breathable, anti-slip organic yoga mat by Brentwood Home. Afterward, she gives a quick recipe for a plant-based smoothie bowl.

“Today we’ll be going through a heart-opening flow that practices kindness towards ourselves and to others,” she says. “We’ll do this by opening our shoulders, opening our chest, and lengthening our lower back.”

“We’ll start in a seated meditation,” she adds. “Come to a nice easy seat on your mat, have your legs crossed. Your legs can be anywhere that makes you feel comfortable.”

After the seated meditation, Junard gets on her hands and knees for a tabletop position. “Allow your shoulders to stack over your wrists, and your hips to stack over your knees,” she explains.

Junard later gets into a sphinx pose. “Keep your elbows perpendicular to your chest, your fingertips are spread out nice and wide and gently pull your elbows towards your chest as your chest pulls through,” she says.

She ends her practice with another seated meditation in a cross-legged position. “Just gently focus on your breath here. Come back to the intention we set for our practice focusing on kindness to ourselves and to others,” she says. 

Then, she refuels with a green smoothie bowl. It features almond milk, spinach, frozen bananas, and a variety of toppings, including sliced kiwi, almonds, raspberries, and blackberries. Here’s how to make it:

green smoothie bowl
This green smoothie bowl is loaded with spinach and frozen bananas. | Rachael Junard for LIVEKINDLY

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