Australia’s Biggest Vegan Market to Launch This Week

Australia’s largest vegan market will take place on the 19th November in Sydney. Sydney Vegan Market has its doors open for vegans and non-vegans alike, and aims to “highlight the wonders of cruelty free living”.

The event will see stalls selling cruelty-free beauty products, dairy-free ice cream, vegan donuts, candles, books, fashion items and products from a vegetarian butcher. Vegan companies such as Soul Burger, Cruelty Free Shop and fitness brand Plant Based Life will all make appearances.

There will be a bar at the venue, and the team are currently inviting vegan musicians to perform. Entry to the event is free. After its launch, the market is set to open on the third Sunday of every month.

Australia has the third fastest growing vegan market worldwide, with more consumers than ever shifting toward a vegan lifestyle. Dairy-free milk is becoming the norm in cafes around the country, while the Australian dairy market sees a drop in sales.

The company behind the market in Sydney, Vegan NSW, speak of the increasing awareness in society regarding “how and what we are consuming”.

Event organiser Kate Jones tells the Daily Mail, “Our promise is to make veganism and cruelty-free living accessible to all”.

Image Credit: Sydney Vegan Market