Australia’s First Ever Vegan Cruise Sets Sail This Year

Plant-based wellness cruise The Whole Connection, is set to launch in October. According to the media release, the “transformational ‘retreat style’ holiday” is the first of its kind in Australia.

The event will see guests cruising the Pacific Islands for 9 days on-board luxury 5-star ship The Celebrity Solstice. A team of health and wellness educators from around the globe will partake, and guests can enjoy an entirely vegan menu for the duration of the retreat.

Mission-driven Paige Renshaw is the mastermind behind The Whole Connection. After battling multiple illnesses, including endometriosis and chronic fatigue syndrome, Paige said that she began “listening” to her body and shifted to a plant-based diet; “I was astounded by how my body told me what it needed”.

She soon converted to a completely vegan lifestyle, and began “nourishing her mind with meditation, and strengthening her body with consistent exercise”. Now, Paige is at her “optimal health”, and plans on “shaking up the vegan world” with her innovation.

With a focus on health, vitality, and wellbeing, The Whole Connection has a “vision to empower and inspire the masses”. Guests will enjoy daily yoga, pilates, meditation, cooking classes and live entertainment. The ship is equipped with swimming pools, spas, a fitness centre, a cinema, karaoke and games rooms to ensure a fun time for all.

Guests will also have access to personal consultations with industry professionals, documentary nights, and Q&A panels conducted by industry experts and speakers.

The event is about “learning in a fun, informative and relaxed environment while creating your community of support”. Overall, The Whole Connection aspires to revolutionize “people’s health and wellness through rebuilding their relationship with themselves, their lifestyle and their food.”

Many people do report improved health upon making the switch to a vegan or plant-based diet. In last year’s ‘Veganuary’, which saw 60,000 people signing up, 97% of participants said they felt healthier after taking part. Additionally, 87% of people said they noticed an increase in their energy levels.

Tickets for The Whole Connection are now on sale. The cruise departs from Sydney on October 20th.

Image Credit: The Whole Connection