Authentic Vegan Swedish Meatballs With Gravy, Hasselback Potatoes, Lingonberries, and Cucumber

vegan swedish meatballs

This recipe is a classic! Both on my blog Javligt Gott and here in Sweden. There is a reason as to why they are called Swedish Meatballs. I’m pretty sure that it has to be our national dish, and if it isn’t it sure is the informal one. It’s one of those dishes where it just so happens that your dads/mothers/uncles/grandma’s recipe is way better than everyone else’s, and everyone has a very strict idea of how they are supposed to be cooked. I prefer them as my father used to cook them for Christmas, filled with tons of allspice and dijon mustard, rolled small (so that you could eat many!) and fried hard in butter so that they got a crunchy exterior. This recipe is also one of the recipes that helped me really get my blog started big time and to reach out beyond just my closest family and friends. I hope you’ll like it too!