You Can Now Sleep in an Avocado Shaped Hotel Next to Sydney Harbor

You Can Now Sleep in an Avocado Shaped Hotel Next to Sydney Harbor

How much do you love avocados? If you’re a die-hard avo-fan who doesn’t view toast as toast without a little nutritious green spread, you can now celebrate your love for the fruit in a new way — by staying inside of one.

Digital travel leader has created an Avo-Condo — a custom-built avocado shaped camper — on Sydney’s Circular Quay, with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

From the outside, it looks like an avocado sliced in half. The inside — suitable for two people — is decked out with avocado-themed furnishings, and guests will be treated to an avocado-themed hamper.

Avocados have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. Traditionally grown and consumed in Central America and the Caribbean, avocados are now a staple on restaurant menus, Instagram foodie accounts, and supermarket shelves around the world. The fruit — which is technically a berry — is not only loved for its creamy texture, but it’s also high in healthy monounsaturated fats, protein, and essential nutrients and vitamins.

It’s so popular, it even has its own national day in Australia: July 31. And it is in celebration of National Avocado Day that will open the doors of its Avo-Condo for two nights only, on July 31 and August 1.

You Can Now Sleep in an Avocado Shaped Hotel Next to Sydney Harbor
Avocados have soared in popularity in recent years

‘Unique and Unforgettable Places to Stay’

“At, we’re proud to offer our customers unique and unforgettable places to stay all over the world,” said Luke Wilson, the area manager at Australia, in a statement. “Inspired by the world’s obsession with all things avocado, the Avo-Condo is a fun, quintessentially Australian experience like no other.”

The avocado hotel is the first of its kind. However, in Idaho in the U.S., potato-lovers also have the option of staying inside their favorite vegetable. Much like the Avo-Condo, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel — which can be booked on Airbnb — can house two guests. The inside isn’t potato-themed, but it is decked out with a stylish interior, complete with a mini-fridge and a cozy custom-made bed.

If you’d prefer to stick with avocados, the opportunity to book a “one in a lifetime” stay in Sydney’s Avo-Condo will be available on from July 29 on a first-come-first-served basis.