Attention Avocado Lovers! You’re Doin’ It Wrong

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What do you do with unwanted avocado seeds?

If the answer is throw them away, you need to think again.

It’s common for health-fanatics to eat them as word has it that they could be nutritionally better for you than the flesh however from personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend doing so. They taste like Hass!

Some gardeners and plant-fanatics such as myself choose to simply sprout them and grow them into avocado trees.

But let’s be real, not everyone has time or space to deal with the pits, and as a result of the recent avocado-craze that is guac n’ rolling its way across the globe, thousands of these surprisingly versatile pits end up in landfills or compost.

Jan Campbell thought about this one lunchtime while making a sandwich back in 2014; she was holding an object that she realised had so much potential, it would be shameful to discard so mindlessly.

What if there was another purpose for these commonly discarded canvases? After a few minutes of deliberation, Campbell decided to keep this illustrious stone in her pocket, feeling a deep connection to the web of tree-shaped veins on the surface.

“I thought it was too nice an object to throw away. I decided to hold onto the stone so I could take my time thinking about what to do with it.”

After around two weeks, she went to remove the stone from her pocket and discovered something which became the catalyst for her fame; a scratch on the surface in which a pigment of deep orange filled the cavity. Excited, curious and compelled to discover more, Campbell proceeded to gather some craft tools and get to work, slowly carving away at the surface and scrutinizing the effect that her sculpting had on the stone. Soon after, her first unique, albeit a tad quirky Woodland creature was crafted, allowed to dry out for a week then strung for a one-of-kind necklace.

Unable to contain her fascination and suppress her newfound hobby, an inspired Campbell promptly raced to the supermarket to purchase more avocados to fuel this creative outlet.

Through her adoration of carving, intricate sculpting ability, passion for experimentation and expression through this ode of communication, Campbell was hooked and Avocado Stone Faces was born.

Now, her original, unique and downright enviable artworks are for sale or for custom order and Campbell’s creativity seriously knows no bounds! From figures and pendant wearables, Campbell’s fascinating creative journey can be followed through her incredibly high-quality, aesthetically perfect pictures on website, Instagram or Facebook! She also posts some rather mesmerizing videos of the their transformations – a must see!!

Just check out this stunning array of Woodland creatures… ! Terribly cute.

Jan Campbell, the talented artist behind this unique field of intricate plant based sculpture is based in County Mayo in the West of Ireland. Her stone faces are not only incredibly detailed but come with individuality too. Each one being unique and full of character, you can see that patience, time and love are the elements Jan uses to bring these little masterpieces to life.

Following a collaboration with the Bronze Fine Art Foundry in Dublin, bronze castings of Campbell’s mostly Celtic-inspired seed sculptures are now available for purchase.

Thinking of investing in a piece of these unique, positively stunning masterpieces? You can purchase ethically knowing that no plastic is ever used in the making of shipping of these artworks and all postal packaging is made with reused or recycled materials. Win, win!

In my  humble opinion, the world very much needs more creative problem solvers like Jan.

Less waste, more art (and more avocado toast)

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