This Avocado ‘Stick’ Lets You Put Extra Guac on Everything

This Avocado ‘Stick’ Lets You Put Extra Guac On Everything

Your love for avocado may have finally met its match, thanks to this avocado stick that you can bring with you everywhere you go — at least if website Unnecessary Inventions had its way.

Aptly called Avocado on a Stick, the product is “every Millennial’s dream come true,” according to a video shared on Facebook by LADbible, which currently has more than 14 million views.

The video shows the difficulty encountered when scooping out and spreading avocado, stating that Avocado on a Stick helps avo-lovers avoid the “trickiness” by rolling on the food item from a glue stick-style tool.

To the dismay of many, the product is entirely fictional, thought up by Unnecessary Inventions as a way to “make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go.” The website shares its left-of-center creations online, like FingerBeanies (tiny soft caps for each of your fingers) and Taco Fraiche (a facial spray mist that smells like seasoning, cilantro, red onions, and tomatoes).

But its avocado design caught the attention of many. After LADBible shared it online, thousands of people believed the invention was real, motivating several news outlets to report on the fake foodie product.

Unnecessary Invention’s Avocado on a Stick | image/Instagram

But the Internet, known for its obsession with avocado (see: nondairy avocado ice cream and these mini vegan avocado candies), maintained that the invention is a good one and certainly not unnecessary like its creators’ suggested.

Thankfully for those who are always seeking more avocado in their lives – in any capacity – there are countless other, very real avocado-inspired products out there.

This giant inflatable avocado raft will have you floating on the water in style. It comes with a removable pit you can use as a beach ball.

This Avocado ‘Stick’ Lets You Put Extra Guac on Everything
Remove the pit of this inflatable avocado to use as a ball

Bedding manufacturer Poppy & Fritz sells cute AF avocado-printed sheets, which you could sleep in whilst dressed in avo-themed shirts or pajama sets, accompanied by this squishy, soft avocado plush. Too much, or not enough?

This Avocado ‘Stick’ Lets You Put Extra Guac on Everything
These vegan-friendly pajamas feature avocados

You could also add some more avocado to your diet with this avocado oil, which can be used in plant-based cooking, baking, or as a dressing. Besides the avocado taste, it contains heart-healthy fats.