Vegan Actor Ruby Rose Plays the First Openly Gay Superhero in ‘Batwoman’

Vegan Actor Ruby Rose Plays the First Openly Gay Superhero in ‘Batwoman’

Updated May 27, 2019. The first trailer for the CW’s upcoming show “Batwoman,” starring vegan actor Ruby Rose as the titular hero, is finally here. And the character will be as vegan as the actor playing her.

Rose first appeared as the masked vigilante, real name Kate Kane, in the CW’s crossover special “Elseworlds” last year. Variety reports that the new series takes place three years after Bruce Wayne (Batman) disappeared from Gotham City, leaving the police department outnumbered by gangs. Kane’s father, Jacob Kane, helps protect the city via his militarized organization, Crows Private Security.

But his daughter, Kate, who was dishonorably discharged from military school, has other plans. After an Alice in Wonderland-themed gang targets her father and kidnaps his top officer, Sophie Moore, she carries on the legacy of the Caped Crusader as Batwoman. Watch the trailer below.


Who Is Batwoman?

Batwoman was first introduced in 1957 as Kathy Kane, but the modern version, who appeared in 2006, gained widespread media attention for being openly gay. In the comics, Batman is still alive and well, monitoring Batwoman’s vigilante acts from a safe distance. Kate was romantically involved with Gotham City Police Department detective Renne Montoya (who later becomes The Question).

In the comics, Kate was kicked out of military school for being a lesbian — and by the looks of the trailer, the series will follow a similar story to the first story in the self-titled reboot by co-writers J.H. Williams III and W. Greg Rucka. If romance is part of the story, then Rose is playing DC’s first openly gay hero on television.


After her role in “Elseworlds” was announced, Rose said“This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on TV and felt alone and different. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, God.”

While Batwoman won’t be the first openly queer hero on television (Marvel’s “The Runaways” featured TV’s first on-screen gay superhero kiss), she is the first one to nab her own titular series.

Ruby Rose, Vegan Investor

Much like Batwoman, Rose has a reputation for speaking out about important issues like animal rights and veganism.

Last October, she encouraged her followers to ditch animal products following a salmonella outbreak, and she regularly shoes her co-stars the benefits of plant-based food. Over the summer, fellow actor Nina Dobrev revealed she was trying to go vegan after trying plant-based Impossible Burgers with Rose.

The new Batwoman is also a vegan investor. Rose invested in plant-based beverage brand Rebbl not only because of its vegan products, but also because of its strong social justice vision. The sustainable super herb elixir company is on a mission to end human trafficking, with 2.5 percent of each sale donated to the cause.

Speaking about the partnership with Rose, Rebbl CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin said, “Ruby is the perfect most harmonious fit for our brand and company. Not only is she a plant-based super-herb-loving rebel, but she is an authentic advocate for social justice and is truly Rebbl-hearted in her approach to work, philanthropy, and life.”

Earlier this month, Rose was one of several celebrities contributing to a $300 million investment in vegan meat brand, Impossible Foods.

“Batwoman” is set to premiere on The CW this fall.