BAFTA is the Latest Awards Ceremony to Serve Vegan Food for the Planet

The BAFTAs will serve nominees sustainable vegan food this year.

Organizers of the 72nd British Academy Film Awards have announced that both the starter and the dessert will be vegan.

“Like everyone, we are increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change,” said Dame Pippa Harris, the deputy chair of BAFTA, to the PA News Agency. “It just feels like we can no longer do nothing, that is just not acceptable.”

In a bid to become carbon-neutral, the event has ditched goodie bags in favor of an eco-friendly wallet, made from recycled plastic. It has also banned single-use plastic. Even the red carpet is being made from recycled materials.

Organizers are also encouraging attendees to travel to the ceremony with sustainability in mind and offset their carbon footprint if they fly.

The Awards Season is Going Vegan

In the last few weeks, a number of award ceremonies have served—or announced that they will serve—vegan food. The Golden Globes were the first, followed by the Critics Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. More recently, the Academy Awards announced its nominee’s luncheon would be plant-based. “[The awards boards] all realize that [they’re] under the spotlight,” added Harris.

She continued, “you can’t simply be having a glitzy party and then people are getting up on stage to talk about climate change but actually the ceremony and the event itself have had a negative impact on the environment, that’s just not acceptable.”

The 2019 thriller “Joker” is up for 11 BAFTA awards. Joaquin Phoenix—who plays the titular role and is nominated for Best Actor—is a vocal supporter of the vegan movement. He even helped convince the Golden Globes to switch to a plant-based menu.

In a bid to reduce his own impact on the environment, the actor and activist is wearing the same Stella McCartney suit to every awards ceremony.

The BAFTAs are encouraging stars to be conscious of their fashion choices, too. According to Harpers Bazaar, organizers have asked guests to consider re-wearing an outfit they already own to the event. A spokesperson told the publication, “from travel and food to branding and materials, BAFTA is ensuring the awards are as sustainable as possible.”

The BAFTAs will take place on Sunday, February 2, 2020.