BAFTA Winning Vegan Film Goes to Parliament

BAFTA Winning Vegan Film Goes to Parliament

Vegan documentary “73 Cows” is set to be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels next month.

The 15-minute film tells the story of Jay Wilde, said to be the first farmer in the UK to give up beef farming in favor of sustainable, organic plant-based farming. He sent his cows to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk and went vegan.

The film will be shown to policymakers to try to inspire change in agricultural law, a move made possible by the Humane Society International.

“We never could have predicted this, but to try and inspire change in agricultural policies, 73 Cows will be screened at the European Parliament in Brussels this March,” Alex Lockwood, the film’s director, wrote online. Lockwood, along with Jay and Katja Wilde, will participate in a Q&A after the screening.

“We never expected our little film could potentially have a direct impact on European policy. We’re beyond proud. Never underestimate the power of film!” Lockwood added.

Vegan Film at the BAFTAs

“73 Cows” was recently awarded a British Academy Television Award (BAFTA) for best short film.

Speaking about the nomination, Lockwood told LIVEKINDLY, “When we set out to make ’73 Cows’ I knew that the film had potential as Jay’s story was so inspiring, but I never anticipated the reaction it’s receiving.”

“The film really seems to have struck a chord with people all around the world. When we released the film online, we thought that it would be viewed by a few hundred people within the first few days, so we were amazed when the viewing figures kept going up and up into the tens of thousands,” Lockwood added.


Vegan Documentaries Inspiring Change

Many people credit vegan documentaries for their transition to plant-based foods and a cruelty-free lifestyle. “What The Health,” which looks at the connection between diet and disease, is a firm favorite among the health-conscious. Documentaries like “Earthlings” and “Dominion” uncover the confronting nature of the meat industry. Other films, like “Cowspiracy,” explore how factory farming is depleting our planet’s natural resources.

Documentary “Free Solo” tells the story of rock climber and environmentalist Alex Honnold, who stopped eating meat to help the planet. The film just won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.