Bear Breaks Into a Car, Steals 2 Dozen Vegan Cupcakes

Bear Smashes Car Window Steals Two Dozen Vegan Cupcakes

A New Jersey black bear broke into the car of a local vegan baker, devoured two dozen cupcakes, and fled the scene, leaving only a broken window, pawprints, and frosting in his wake. Unlike notorious honey thief, Winnie the Pooh, the cupcakes this bear chose to satisfy his sweet tooth are vegan and free from the top eight allergens.

As reported by North Jersey, Christine Allen, owner of the vegan and gluten-free bakery Mo’Pweeze Bakery, had baked batches of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cupcakes. Christine said that she was being productive by getting ahead on an order for a local soup kitchen and had loaded her car with the cupcakes on Wednesday night,. At around 2 am, Christine’s dog started barking and she recalled hearing a crunching sound outside.

When her husband Adrian looked outside to find the source, he spotted the culprit: a large male black bear who had broken into the couple’s car to steal the sweet treats.

“He enjoyed every single one,” Allen told News 4. “There was not one left.” 

The couple said this is not their first encounter with the bear. He had previously broken into their basement, lounged in the backyard, and broken through their fence to get back to his den. “Now he broke my window. He loves our house,” said Christine.

Despite losing some business and having to pay for repairs, Christine voiced her concern for the bear. “We don’t want it to be harmed. We’re vegans. We’re animal lovers. I called animal control and I told them I don’t want him to be put down,” she explained. 

On May the 1st, the bear was taken into custody by animal control after a 30-hour romp through the local neighborhood, hopping fences and paying a visit to a school. Trained professionals tranquillized the bear and relocated him to a safe habitat.

Christine immortalized the sweet-toothed thief by creating cupcakes bearing his likeness. “This cupcake is called Teddy Bear, because we wanted to name him,” she said. The treats will be sold at her bakery.

Image Credit: Mo’Pweeze Bakery