BEEF AND DAIRY Are Collapsing

This week’s vegan news: Bristol’s oldest pub is 100% vegan now. Britain now offers an egg-free flu vaccine that would replace the use of 50 million eggs annually. Nestlé has developed a vegan bacon cheeseburger and plans to make it available to restaurant chains and foodservice outlets.

California seals the deal on a state-wide fur ban. Food tech startup Aleph Farms has successfully grown cultured beef in outer space. Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban reveals he is vegetarian now, during Atlas Monroe’s vegan fried chicken pitch on last week’s show.

British discount supermarket chain Iceland Foods unveils a vegan Christmas range. The company is consciously reducing its reliance on plastic packaging, and has banned palm oil from its own brand products. A new report by RethinkX predicts that the beef and dairy industries will soon collapse due to market disruption.