Ben & Jerry’s Wants To Make Everyone’s Favorite Flavors Vegan

Photo shows the two new vegan varieties of Ben & Jerry's Core ice cream range.

Ben & Jerry’s just launched two brand new vegan flavors as part of its Core range.

Non-Dairy Bananas Foster features a banana and cinnamon base, almond toffee pieces, and a salted caramel core, while Non-Dairy Boom Chocolatta mixes mocha and caramel ice cream, fudge flakes, gluten-free chocolate cookies, and a chocolate cookie-flavored core.

The new flavors are both vegan and gluten-free, with Boom Chocolatta featuring almond-based ice cream and Bananas Foster featuring the reduced allergen sunflower seed base (though it does still include almond toffee pieces, making it unsuitable for those with nut allergies).

Ben & Jerry’s Core goes vegan

The Core collection combines Ben & Jerry’s familiar treat-filled ice cream with a soft, flavored center running from the top of the tub right down to the bottom. According to the company, this allows customers to “customize each bite,” and the two new flavors join existing non-dairy favorite Karamel Sutra Core.

“We know that people who choose non-dairy frozen desserts love variety,” says Dena Wimette, the Head of Innovation for Ben & Jerry’s. “They want to avoid dairy and still have [the] amazing taste. These two new non-dairy flavors will satisfy their cravings for something different and delicious.”

Since launching non-dairy ice cream back in 2016, the company has worked through its existing flavors and veganized many of the ultimate fan-favorites, from Phish Food and Cherry Garcia to classic cookie dough (also available in the UK). 

“Our flavor gurus believe in creating concoctions for all,” adds Wimette. “We want everyone to be able to have some Ben & Jerry’s joy, including those who choose gluten-free.”

Combining vegan ice cream with social justice

Overall, Ben & Jerry’s now has a total of 18 different vegan-friendly flavors available in the U.S., making up nearly 40 percent of the company’s entire range.

Several non-dairy flavors raise awareness of or fundraise for humanitarian and environmental causes, including “Save Our Swirled” (climate change) and “Change the Whirled” (racial justice). Perhaps most recently, the company collaborated with Chance the Rapper for a non-dairy mint chocolate and brownie option that raises money for his youth-empowerment charity SocialWorks.

Ben & Jerry’s titular founders remain refreshingly outspoken in their support of pressing social justice struggles from trans rights to the Black Lives Matter movement, both in private and in public, for which they have received significant praise and some criticism.

Bananas Foster and Boom Chocolatta will be available in U.S. stores soon for approximately $4.49-5.79.