Ben & Jerry’s Employee Finds 30-Day Vegan Challenge ‘Surprisingly Easy’

B&J Swiss Roll

Following the release of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy in the UK, the ice-cream company have become a little more vegan friendly, even releasing some vegan recipes. In their latest move to encourage people to try their animal product free ice cream, a Ben & Jerry’s employee took on the 30-day vegan challenge, and to their surprise, it was actually rather easy.

The ice cream giant took the opportunity to give some helpful tips to people who might also wish to try embarking on the challenge. Unsurprisingly, this list had a lot of information as to how great an addition Ben & Jerry’s is to a vegan lifestyle, but it also had some slightly handier tips too.

One of the ’30 Thoughts From a 30-Day Vegan Challenge’ points, encouraged people not to dismiss tofu, and for that matter tofu’s cousin tempeh. ‘It looks like a tasteless blob of boring,’ they write, ‘but trust us, there’s more to tofu than meets the eye.’ They also recommend a whole host of other vegan staples such as hummus, avocado, beans and of course kale.

The employee found that one of the biggest challenges was actually deciding which delicious meals not to whip up. ‘[B]eing vegan doesn’t mean living on salads,’ they claimedYou wouldn’t believe how many great vegan recipes are out there! The hardest part is deciding which ones to try and honing those cooking skills.’

While they warn that forward planning can be an essential part of adopting a vegan lifestyle and that dairy hides itself in all sort of processed goods, their ice-cream and many other products are examples of how planning ahead could soon be a thing of the past for vegans.

Certified vegan food is popping up all over the place, and accidentally vegan food is in abundance. Many companies are choosing to included plant-based options or ditch meat and dairy altogether, and the plant-based food sector is set to continually grow in coming years.

So, what was the most important take away from this challenge? Well, ‘desserts make everything better,’ and Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy is good for anyone, not just vegans.

Image credit: Ben & Jerry’s