Why This City Was Ranked The “Vegan Capital of the World”

Berlin has long been known as the capital of veganism in Europe and more recently crowned #1 in a list of top vegan cities in the world. Following news focusing on America’s best cities for veganism, what better time to explore what makes Berlin so attractive to vegans across the globe.

With a population of only 3 million people, an estimated 80,000 vegans live in Berlin. The city boasts an impressive amount of vegan restaurants- more than 50, with over 300 venues providing vegetarian/vegan options.

But are restaurants really enough to dub this the best city for veganism worldwide? Thankfully, the cruelty-free options don’t stop at the dinner table.

A vast range of businesses are turning away from traditional but not sustainable methods. For instance, this animal-free butchers, selling everything from prawns to smoked bacon strips and raw mince- all meat-free of course!

Travellers can opt to stay in a vegan hotel, visit Berlin’s first 100% vegan bar, and do their groceries at Veganz; Europe’s first food chain store containing no animal products, their slogan being “We Love Life”.

If eating out is more your style, options are extensive. Diners can try kebabs,  donuts, burgers or visit Germany’s first 100% raw vegan café.

You can shop at this cruelty-free clothing store, and there are even fermentation workshops to attend, making vegan cheeses and dips.

Vegan singles can meet others at mixer evenings, or if you are just looking to connect with like-minded people, film nights are also held, where they show films relating to veganism and of course, serve delicious food.

This year, the vegan Summer festival celebrates their tenth year of being held in Berlin. This festival attracts around 60,000 people, with intentions to “prove how much fun a lifestyle free from animal cruelty can be!

Image Credit: Facebook | Instagram