The 5 Best Celebrities to Follow on TikTok for Vegan Inspiration

The 5 Best Celebrities to Follow on TikTok for Vegan Inspiration

The quick, catchy 15-second videos called “TikToks” have become extremely popular—especially among the younger generations. From Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo to Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” dating show star Francesca Farago—TikTok has a number of celebs that are cooking up tasty vegan recipes for the platform. So, if you want to keep up with all the top vegan content from your favorite celebs and influencers, keep reading for five of the best celebrities to follow on TikTok when you’re in need of some plant-based inspiration.

For those of you who are still unsure of what exactly a TikTok is—it’s a video-sharing social networking platform that is commonly used to make short comedy, lip-sync, and dance videos.

Although the platform has become the go-to for trending challenges like the “Savage” dance challenge and the purse challenge, TikTok has also become a space for popular celebrities to share their top vegan recipes and other plant-based wellness tips.

The 5 Best Celebrities to Follow on TikTok for Vegan Inspiration

Brown’s carrot bacon recipe went viral on TikTok. | Tabitha Brown

1. Tabitha Brown

After joining TikTok in early March, Tabitha Brown has quickly taken the social media platform by storm⁠—amassing more than 3.5 million followers and 48 million video likes. In April, Brown posted her now-viral carrot bacon recipe to TikTok. To date, the video has garnered more than three million likes.

Brown says the crunchy, vegan bacon strips taste just like the real thing. “[The taste is] similar to turkey bacon. [It’s] thinly sliced, but still a carrot if that makes sense. It holds it’s own pretty good,” she told LIVEKINDLY. “I love it on a wrap, [or] in a sandwich like a BLT with avocado and pickles!”

For those seeking a quick, healthy meal on-the-go, Brown shared an easy-to-make chickpea veggie pasta recipe TikTok video. “Hungry for pasta but you ain’t got a whole lot of time? Let me show you a quick treat,” she said in the video. The dish features boiled chickpea pasta noodles sauteed along with white mushrooms, red pepper, purple onion, garlic powder, multi-use salt, Everything but the Bagel Seasoning Blend, and spinach.

Follow Tabitha Brown on TikTok here.

Dr. Vand’s TikTok covers health and wellness topics. | Mona Vand

2. Mona Vand

A doctor of pharmacy and star of Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” Mona Vand has become a popular plant-based food blogger on Instagram. Now, she shares health and wellness tips on her TikTok account. Videos include her anxiety calming shower routine, toning exercises, and reviews of skincare products.

Vand also gives vegan food tips, such as best non-dairy alternatives and cooking hacks to make vegan snacks healthier. For example, she uploaded a recipe for spirulina popcorn. The recipe calls for plain popcorn, garlic powder, onion powder, spirulina (of course), nutritional yeast, and sea salt.

For those trying to avoid bread, Vand also uploaded a recipe for a healthy burger wrap. The recipe calls for two large collard green leaves, mustard, tomatoes, vegan burger meat, sauerkraut, pickles—wrap it all up, and voila. Healthy lunch is served!

Follow Mona Vand on TikTok here.

Watch Lizzo Make Vegan Fried Chicken and Biscuits With JUST Egg
Lizzo put JUST vegan egg to work on TikTok. | Lizzo

3. Lizzo

Grammy award-winning singer Lizzo is no stranger to vegan TikTok content. In April, the Grammy Award-winning musician uploaded a video of herself making a spicy vegan chicken sandwich. Alongside the video, she captioned: “Vegan spicy Mcchicken idgaf that [censored] was hittin hoooooo.” The dish consisted of oven-baked plant-based chicken fillets made with Frank’s RedHot Seasoning Blend and garlic powder all on a toasted bun with egg-free mayonnaise. She served the spicy vegan chicken sandwich along with waffle fries.

Lizzo has made a vegan Jamaican spicy beef patty—which she used plant-based meat by MorningStar Farms, Tofutti dairy-free cream cheese, and Frank’s RedHot Seasoning Blend to make—and vegan fried chicken and biscuits using JUST Egg.

She also recently made vegan “frank and beans” featuring onions and meatless bacon alongside a side salad with strawberries and nuts. “I made vegan Frank and beans, I made vegan Frank and beans,” she sang in the TikTok video. Yum!

Follow Lizzo on TikTok here.

The TK Best Celebrities to Follow on TikTok for Vegan Inspiration
The chef makes catchy recipe videos while singing. | Gabrielle Reyes

4. Gabrielle Reyes

Actress and chef Gabrielle Reyes has made quite a name for herself as the host for the Colorful Home Cooking Show—a musical cooking experience that sees Reyes travel the country to perform Colorful Cooking Classes. During the classes, Reyes shares her favorite vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free recipes all to a snappy beat.

Reyes also has her own TikTok account, where her handle is One Great Vegan. She shares a number of plant-based recipes, all while singing a catchy song. Try her vegan tuna salad recipe—which includes greens, chopped cucumbers, roasted sweet potatoes, Good Catch Tuna, vegan ranch, and Japanese multipurpose seasoning—or learn how to make her “Bold Beef and Bean Tacos,” which are completely meatless, of course. The tacos feature walnut beef, zesty beans, and lime crema.

Reyes also shares dessert recipes like these chocolate chunk brownies. In addition to sharing these tasty recipe videos, Reyes hosts a live, musical cooking class on her TikTok every Saturday.

Follow Gabrielle Reyes on TikTok here.

The 5 Best Celebrities to Follow on TikTok for Vegan Inspiration
The vegan reality star shares plant-based recipes to her TikTok account. | Francesca Farago

5. Francesca Farago

Star of the Netflix dating show “Too Hot To Handle,” Francesca Farago is vegan. She recently started her own vegan, sustainable swimwear brand called Farago the Label. In addition to posting trending dance videos, the reality star uses her TikTok to post vegan recipe videos.

“I’m clearly a bad Italian because I’ve never made lasagna before. I don’t know how I’ve never made lasagna before. But I’m going to make it today. Eggplant lasagna people, let’s go,” she said in the video. The dish features layers of tomato sauce with Roma tomatoes and caramelized onions, vegan meatballs, vegan cheese, and eggplant.

Farago also shared a recipe video for vegan poutine. Poutine is a popular Candian dish that features french fries and cheese curds topped with a rich gravy.

Follow Francesca Farago on TikTok here.