The Best Vegan Leather Boots for Fall 2021

collage of vegan leather boots

Looking for the best vegan leather boots made for walking? We’ve got all of the best styles you didn’t know your fall wardrobe needed—and they’re just as sustainable as they are stylish.

Traditional leather is outdated. The vegan leather industry is booming. According to a 2020 report, the market is on track to be worth $89.6 million by 2025. Released by market research firm Infinium Global Research, the report attributes the growth to the growing awareness of the environmental impacts of animal-derived leather—the production of which is linked to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions—and the rising demand for animal-free products.

Vegan leather is common in a number of products, including home furnishings and car interiors. But the research firm suggests that growing demand from the footwear sector, specifically, will be a key factor in the industry’s growth.

Are all vegan leathers sustainable?

Vegan leather is widely touted as a more ethical and socially conscious alternative to traditional leather. And while the aforementioned vegan leathers are more eco-friendly than their animal-derived counterparts, when it comes to sustainability—not all vegan leathers are created equal.

Some synthetic vegan leathers are made from petroleum-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC). One of the most environmentally damaging types of plastic, PVC is highly toxic and pollutive. Polyurethane (PU), another plastic-based material, is also commonly used to make vegan leather.

But a 2017 report by the Pulse of Fashion Industry found that synthetic leathers are still more sustainable than cow leather. The report indicates they have one-third of the environmental impact of animal-derived leather.

Step into fall with the eco-friendly vegan leather boots we’ve rounded up for you above.

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