These Are the 11 Best Vegan British Penny Sweets

These Are the 11 Best Vegan British Penny Sweets

Traditional “penny sweets” are sure to cause nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the UK.

Penny sweets—also known as pick ‘n’ mix—such as foam bananas, gummy bears, jelly beans, and fried egg sweets have been a staple in Britain for decades. But what are the best vegan penny sweets, and where can you find them?

 The 11 Best Vegan British Penny Sweets

These Are the TK Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Conscious Candy sells a whole range of vegan-friendly pick ‘n’ mix.

1. Conscious Candy

Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix might no longer be available, but British company Conscious Candy offers an entire range of vegan penny sweets. The vegan confectioner sells a randomized, 500g or 1kg bag of pick ‘n’ mix, as well as smaller packs of specific sweets, monthly subscriptions, and even vegan favorites such as walnut whips.

Conscious Candy stocks bubblegum, cherry, and classic cola bottles, as well as fizzy fangs, strawberries, banana foams, rings, jelly teddy bears, love hearts, and more. The company also just launched the first-ever vegan fried egg sweets.

The confectioner also emphasizes recyclable packaging, and the new vegan fried eggs are palm oil-free. In an interview with conscientious fashion brand No-Faux Vegan, founder Laura Scott said she started the company in order to create a veganized pick ‘n’ mix stall.

“I want to show everyone that veganism can be amazing and it can taste amazing also,” she said. “The more vegan products and businesses out there, the more positive focus on veganism there is.”

Check out Conscious Candy here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Candy Kittens use all-natural ingredients.

2. Candy Kittens

British company Candy Kittens sells a variety of traditional-style sweets, including the popular sour watermelon flavor. Mango, strawberry, blueberry, and peach varieties are also available. Candy Kittens are sold both in supermarkets and online, and the company is committed to using only sustainable ingredients. All production is carbon neutral, packaging recyclable, and the sweets are 100 percent palm oil-free.

The company is also launching the CK Clubhouse—a virtual platform to help people connect during coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. The clubhouse aims to deliver a “positive escape” from people’s daily challenges.

Check out sour watermelon flavor Candy Kittens here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Little Vegans produces a fizzy cola bottle selection.

3. Little Vegans

This sweet and sour bottle mix from Little Vegans includes all three favorites—original cola, blue and pink bubblegum, and cherry cola. Little Vegans also offers a retro pick ‘n’ mix sweet mix, fizzy-free options, and a vegan mini-mix.

Check out the bottles mix here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Jealous Sweets’ tangy worms contain natural fruit juices.

4. Jealous Sweets

These “Tangy Worms” from Jealous Sweets are free-from gelatine, artificial colors, and synthetic flavors. All four apple, lemon, strawberry, and orange flavors are made using natural fruit juices and plant-based ingredients. Jealous Sweets also produces chewy “Grizzly Bears” and “Fizzy Friends.”

Check out Jealous Sweets here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Mega Bags are available in 10kg portions.

5. Vegan All Sorts

Vegan All Sorts is best known for its pick ‘n’ mix selections, which are available in Mini Mega and Mega bags from 200g up to 10kg. Each bag offers a mix of over 20 different types of sweets. The company also offers vegan fudge, coconut ice, fizzy mixes, a vegan gluten-free range, and a palm oil-free range.

Check them out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
JST’s vegan sweets mix contains blue, fruit, and cola bottles.

6. Jolly Sweets & Treats

Jolly Sweets & Treats (JST) sells a “Vegan Sweets Mix,” complete with cola bottles, watermelon slices, and chewy strawberries. This mix is halal and gluten-free as well as vegan-friendly. The JST vegan sweets mix collects a small selection of pick ‘n’ mix into a 150g pack, which is available on Amazon for £3.49 per item.

Check it out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Treasure Island Retro Penny Mix contains favorites such as Parma Violets and Love Hearts.

7. Treasure Island Sweets

For those of you missing Treasure Island Sweets during lockdown, the retro Bristol-based sweet shop offers vegan treats for delivery. The business stocks a “Retro Penny Mix” full of pick ‘n’ mix classics, in addition to various gummies, licorice, fudge, and even wine gums.

Check it out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
You can order a custom pick ‘n’ mix pouch of your choice from Vegummies.

8. Vegummies

Vegummies sells a variety of sweets in boxes, jars, pouches, and subscriptions. Customers can order a “fully eco-friendly” Mixed Vegan Sweet Pouch filled with a 12-sweet mix. Each pouch costs £10 and 900g of plant-based penny-style sweets. Vegummies even stocks a vegan-friendly version of the hard-to-find banana foams.

The company aims to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, using as many recycled and compostable materials as possible. Vegummies doesn’t use plastic and even the zip-lock fastener is 100 percent compostable. Each month, the company donates a portion of its profits to a different charity or cause.

Check it out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
Rubydoobys went vegan and plastic-free after demand grew for environmentally conscious sweets.

9. Rubydoobys

St Ives-based sweet shop Rubydoobys is now 100 percent vegan and zero waste. The company sells a wide variety of vegan-friendly sweets online, including the “huge” 1.5kg vegan sweet box. The pick ‘n’ mix selection includes over 40 different varieties of vegan sweets. Rubydoobys exclusively uses biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable packaging.

Check it out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
The Guilt Free Sweet Shop offers a wide selection of plant-based pick ‘n’ mix.

10. Guilt Free Sweet Shop

Customers can order a variety of vegan and gluten-free sweets from the Guilt Free Sweet Shop. The plant-based online store offers fizzy, sour, fizz-free, and even a vegan survival pack. Vanilla and chocolate fudge are also stocked, as are vegan-friendly flying saucers, chewy Dracula fangs, and Rowntrees-style fruit jellies.

Check it out here.

These Are the Best Vegan British Penny Sweets
The “Traditional Pick ‘N’ Mix” from Innocent Sweets Co. is also available as a monthly subscription.

11. Innocent Sweets Co.

Innocent Sweets Co. stocks more than 45 varieties of vegan sweets, available in medium or “jumbo” sized boxes. Customers can order pre-mixed packages, choose their own, or order a monthly selection box. Innocent Sweets Co. also offers a gluten-free option.

“New vegan here trying out veganuary 2020,” commented Innocent Sweets Co. customer Evee. “The fact that you can get sweets as good as these is another reason to never go back. They taste unbelievable, will be buying again for sure.”

Check it out here.