The 17 Best Vegan Comfort Food Buys You Can Get In the UK

The 17 Best Vegan Comfort Food Buys You Can Get In the UK

Sometimes, we all need a little comfort food to get us through the week. In the UK, supermarkets and grocery store shelves are now lined with vegan treats. Whatever you fancy, from pastries to pizza to dairy-free ice cream, it’s likely you can find it in a store near you.

The 17 Best Vegan Comfort Food Buys You Can Get In the UK

Here are 17 comforting vegan snacks, sides, meals, and desserts on offer in the UK that you can buy right now.


vegan comfort food uk
Aldi launched its own vegan steak bakes earlier this year. | @hannahbeingvegan

1. Aldi Vegan Steak Bakes

Last month, Aldi added No Steak Bakes to its Plant Menu range. Unlike Greggs’ Vegan Steak Bake, which is stuffed with Quorn pieces, Aldi’s version includes soya protein. It features a rich gravy filling and the pastry is crisp and golden. The supermarket also offers vegan sausages, burgers, pizzas, and more.

vegan comfort food uk
Magnum offers two vegan flavors. | @adaras

2. Vegan Magnum

The perfect pick-me-up on a warm, sunny day, vegan Magnums have been on supermarket shelves for a while now. They’re available from a number of retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. Choose from Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond.

vegan comfort food uk
Marks & Spencer offers a vegan pizza in its Plant Kitchen range.

3. Marks & Spencer Vegan Pizza

Marks & Spencer’s Plant Kitchen range isn’t short of tasty vegan options. Try its No-Chicken Kievs, or maybe its No-Beef Burgers. If you’re in the mood for Italian, try its vegan sourdough Margherita pizza. The dough is hand-stretched and it’s topped with creamy cauliflower and tomato sauce.

vegan comfort food uk
Iceland’s No Duck Chinese Selection includes sweet plum gyozas. | @my_littlebig_life

4. Iceland’s No Duck Chinese Selection

In the mood for a takeaway? Why not have a fakeaway instead? Iceland’s No Duck Chinese Selection—which features Sweet Plum Gyozas, Hoisin Pastry Cones, and Schezuan Filo Crackers—is the perfect accompaniment to a home-cooked stir fry. The affordable supermarket chain’s vegan range also includes No Bull Burgers, No Bull Steaks, No Porkies Sausage Rolls, and No Chick Fillets.

vegan comfort food uk
Cornetto’s vegan ice creams are made with soy.

5. Vegan Cornetto

Cornetto’s vegan ice cream cones are a go-to on a warm day, but they also make a nice after-dinner treat if you’re in the mood for something sweet in the evening. Curl up, put on your favorite Netflix series, and enjoy a creamy dairy-free indulgence.

vegan comfort food uk
Tesco’s Plant Chef burgers look and cook like meat.

6. Tesco’s Plant Chef Burgers

Fancy a restaurant-style meaty vegan burger but don’t feel like leaving the house to grab a takeaway? Tesco’s Plant Chef Burgers will do the trick, and they’re significantly cheaper than ordering takeout out too. Tesco’s vegan Plant Chef range also includes Breaded Goujons, Battered Fish-Free Fillets, and Jalapeño Grilled Patties.

vegan comfort food uk
Quorn offers vegan fishless fillets.

7. Quorn’s Fishless Fillets

There’s nothing more comforting on a Friday night than a portion of chips and these vegan fish-free fillets by Quorn. Choose from breaded or battered. Why not whip up some mushy peas too?

vegan comfort food uk
Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Chicken Bucket is suitable for vegans.

8. Linda McCartney’s Vegan Chicken Bucket

Just because you’re avoiding meat doesn’t mean you have to miss out on buckets of fried chicken. Vegetarian meat brand Linda McCartney recently launched its vegan-friendly Vegetarian Chicken Bucket. Cook up some corn on the cob, some fries, and you have your own version of vegan KFC. Ideal for sharing with the family in front of a film.

vegan comfort food uk
Warburton’s Crumpets are vegan-friendly.

9. Warburton’s Crumpets

Is there anything more warm and comforting than crumpets in the morning? Or in the afternoon, or in the evening, or right before bed? Add some vegan butter or marmite to these Warburton’s Crumpets for the best results.

vegan comfort food uk
Serve Quorn’s vegan fish fingers with chips and peas.

10. Quorn’s Vegan Fish Fingers

As well as fish fillets, vegetarian meat company Quorn also offers vegan fish fingers. Serve with chips and peas for an easy, simple family-friendly dinner, or add to a sandwich at lunchtime. Other vegan options from the brand include Hot & Spicy Burgers, BBQ Strips, Five Grain Fillets, and Nuggets.

vegan comfort food uk
Chilli Heatwave Doritos are free of animal ingredients.

11. Chilli Heatwave Doritos

Chilli Heatwave Doritos are completely free of animal products, so you can munch away guilt-free. Best enjoyed with pals in front of a movie. Doritos Lightly Salted are also vegan-friendly.

vegan comfort food uk
Squeaky Bean’s Sweet Pancakes are vegan.

12. Vegan Squeaky Bean Pancakes

Craving a crêpe? These vegan ready-to-eat sweet pancakes by Squeaky Bean could satisfy your appetite instead. Before serving, drizzle over some dairy-free chocolate sauce, or keep it simple with lemon and sugar.

vegan comfort food uk
Eat Real Veggie Straws are an easy healthy snack.

13. Eat Real’s Veggie Straws

Made with vegetables, Eat Real’s Veggie Straws are a snack the whole family can enjoy. They’re gluten-free, allergen-free, and they’re low in fat too. Eat Real offers a number of vegan snacks, including Cheezie Straws, Quinoa Puffs, and Hummus Chips.

vegan comfort food uk
Plant Pioneers mini sausage rolls include vegan cumberland sausages.

14. Plant Pioneer’s Mini Vegan Sausage Rolls

Due to their continuous presence at children’s parties, mini sausage rolls are nostalgic for many. A number of vegan versions are currently on the market, including these Meat Free Mini Sausage Rolls by Plant Pioneers. The vegan range at Sainsbury’s also includes Smoky ‘Jack’ Quarter Pounders and Chorizo Shroomdogs.

Add boiling water to make this Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac.

15. Wicked Kitchen’s Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac

A hearty, tasty vegan mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort meal, and it’s even better when you don’t have to make it for yourself. Wicked Kitchen’s Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac features macaroni in a dairy-free sauce with jalapeños, spring onions, and red peppers. Simply add boiling water and enjoy.

vegan comfort food uk
Morrison’s vegan mozzarella sticks are made with coconut oil.


16. Morrison’s Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Instead of traditional mozzarella, Morrison’s No Moo-Zarella Sticks include a stretchy coconut oil-based dairy-free cheese, held together in a crunchy crisp crumb.

vegan comfort food uk
Marks and Spencer’s Plant Kitchen range also includes cauliflower popcorn.

17. Marks and Spencer’s Vegan Cauliflower Popcorn

As well as pizza, Marks and Spencer also offers vegan cauliflower popcorn in its Plant Kitchen range. Cook up a batch, transfer to a bowl, and share with the family. Don’t forget the sweet chili dip.