Best Vegan Enchiladas: Can They Beat My Mom’s?

enchiladas recipe

This vegan enchiladas recipe is so good, even mom was impressed.

On this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, Amanda Castillo whips up plant-based enchiladas for her mother, Luce, who goes by the name Nena. “I convinced her to try plant-based,” Amanda says. “So, today we’re going to be making a vegan version of her favorite enchiladas.”

Nena tells her daughter that she loves being in the kitchen. “It’s my favorite place,” she says in Spanish. 

In addition to enchiladas, some of her most favorite dishes to make include sopes, pozoles, tacos, and tamales. “Everything Mexican, she loves to cook,” Amanda explains. 

In lieu of meat, Amanda’s vegan enchiladas feature dehydrated soy protein. “I actually wanted to make jackfruit enchiladas, but my mom loves soy,” the blogger continues. “So, let’s get started!”

Vegan Enchiladas

For these meat-free enchiladas, Amanda whips up a homemade red sauce. She boils and blends an array of chili peppers—guajillo, pasilla, cascabel, morita, and chile de arbol peppers. If you don’t have a blender, you can snag one here.

She makes the filling using carrot, a medium-sized potato, diced tomato, garlic cloves, and white onion. She uses a griddle to heat up the tortillas and cook the enchiladas once she adds the stuffing.

She tops the plant-based enchiladas with cabbage, tomato, onion, avocado, and vegan cheese. Amanda uses Follow Your Heart feta crumbles. “It literally looks so similar to Mexican cheese,” she says. Then she adds vegan sour cream and hot sauce.

“I swear, these are so good,” she says.

Best Vegan Enchiladas: Can They Beat My Mom’s?
These meat-free enchiladas features a homemade red sauce. | Photo credit: Amanda Castillo for LIVEKINDLY

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