Better Than Pie? This Blueberry Galette Comes Close

Better Than Pie? This Blueberry Galette Comes Close

This vegan blueberry galette with plant-based vanilla ice cream on top is so easy and delicious you’ll want to eat it all in one go, and then make another one straight away. Its base, our well-tested vegan shortcrust pastry, is quick and simple to make. It has no butter, no eggs, and it tastes divine! It is really true that the simplest things in life are the best!

Unfortunately, most people still think that you need eggs, butter, and milk to make delicious desserts, but this cannot be further from the truth. This 100 percent vegan blueberry galette is proof against that notion. Not only is it every bit as gorgeous, delicious, and indulgent as its non-vegan grandmother. This plant-based galette is way easier to make, a ton healthier, easier to digest, and with much less negative impact on the environment.

This galette is sweet, moist, crisp, golden, luxurious, and packed with healthy blueberries. It’s also guilt-free, cholesterol-free, free of sex hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful substances found in eggs and butter.

To make the vegan shortcrust pastry you will need a clean worktop where you can roll the dough. You will also need a rolling pin. To bake it you’ll need a baking tray or a pan that is suitable for the oven.


Additional Recipes

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This recipe was republished with permission from The Plant-Based School.