Vegan Beyond Meat “Beast Burgers” Arrive in New Zealand!

In an exciting Facebook update from New Zealand’s major supplier of all things vegan, The Cruelty Free Shop, it has been revealed that the first ever Beyond Meat Beast Burgers are now available for Kiwis to purchase.

This announcement comes at perfect timing for NZ’ers to chuck a few on the BBQ as Southern Hemisphere summer starts tomorrow. Beyond Meat’s largest competitor, Impossible Foods are yet to hit NZ shelves.

The Cruelty Free Shop captioned “NEW!!!! First in NZ! Beyond Meat BEAST burger patties, now in stock!” and attached a photo of the mighty burger itself, looking as juicy, tender and brown as an actual beef patty. Perfect for meat-loving New Zealand.

Before now, New Zealanders would have to travel overseas to get their hands on their very own Beyond Burger or settle for ogling pictures of Beyond Meat on plates in other countries.

Creators of the burger, Beyond Meat, have been making quite a name for themselves, especially recently as the demand for plant based alternatives to animal products skyrockets. Recently, a Beyond Burger inspired episode even appeared on comedy giant show, South Park.

Leonardo DiCaprio has backed the vegan meat alternative company by becoming an official investor – one of his many financial efforts towards preventing climate change and environmental crisis.

New Zealand is known for being a small country that is heavily reliant on meat and dairy both in terms of domestic diet and the nationwide economy. However more and more Kiwis are making the shift from the classic Kiwi lifestyle and embracing veganism. In fact, the demand for vegan products in this ‘clean and green’ country is so great that suppliers are struggling to keep up.

Considering that Beyond Meat is now ready for Kiwi’s beloved summer BBQs, and the makers of Chicken-Free Chicken are releasing Pig-Free Bacon and Cow-Free Beef next year, New Zealand is well and truly set to embrace a vegan lifestyle without missing out on old favourites!

Image Credit: The Cruelty-Free Shop | Beyond Meat