Beyond Meat’s IPO Makes Jessica Chastain Feel ‘Hopeful’ About the Future

Beyond Meat’s IPO Makes Jessica Chastain Feel ‘Hopeful’ About the Future

Investing in Beyond Meat makes vegan actor Jessica Chastain hopeful for the future.

The American actor and producer — who stars in the upcoming Marvel film “Dark Phoenix” and “It: Chapter 2” — recently invested in Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat company behind the popular “bleeding” Beyond Burger.

Chastain posted a video on Instagram speaking about the vegan meat brand. “Welcome to my new game show: ‘What Percentage Less?'” she captioned the clip. The 42-year-old was filmed quizzing people about the environmental impact of the Beyond Burger compared to a conventional beef patty.

“What is the percentage of less water that the Beyond Meat plant-based burger uses as opposed to regular beef?” she asked her assistant Arianna, who correctly answered 99 percent.

She asked another how much less energy it takes to produce the Beyond Meat patty; they also correctly answered 50 percent.

“Thrilled to be a part of the [Beyond Meat] movement. Congrats on going public!” the actor said.

Beyond Meat Going Public

Earlier this month, Beyond Meat became the first vegan meat brand to IPO. The IPO was priced at $25 per share, but rose to $65 by the end of the first day — a leap of 165 percent.

CNBC reported it was the best initial public offering of the year; Beyond Meat “left every other debut in the dust,” including Uber Technologies, which dropped more than 7 percent on its first day of trading.

In her video, Chastain revealed that Beyond Meat was one of the first companies she invested in. “I’m not really a stock market kinda girl. I won’t invest in something unless I believe in it, and use it in my real life,” she explained.

“It was a really exciting day and it made me feel hopeful for the future of our planet,” the actor added.

Beyond Meat attracted a host of high-profile investors. Last February, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal and 13 other top athletes — including Kyrie Irving and JaVale McGee — invested in the brand.

Whilst Chastain spoke about the ecological impact of vegan meat, the athletes have drawn attention to the health benefits of eating meat-free. Beyond Meat is the best thing that I could be a part of and it only helps me better perform as an athlete,” Irving said about the brand.

The basketball player commented on the physical benefits of a plant-based diet before, saying he “had to get away” from animal products, and that the switch toward vegan food boosted his energy and made his body feel “amazing.”