Beyond Meat Sign Deal to Serve Thousands of Vegan Burgers Across USA


The largest U.S food distributor has teamed up with plant-based meat producers, Beyond Meat, to introduce meat-free burgers en masse.

Beyond Meat are popular vegan meat producers as they produce meat with believably similar texture that has the ability to bleed (beet extract not real blood), smell and taste like meat. Their plant-meat patties even boast a whopping 20g of protein per patty, from peas, not gluten, soy or GMOs.

beyond meat burger

Now, Beyond Meat has just announced their partnership with Sysco, who distribute and sell food products to tens of thousands of people at many restaurants, healthcare facilities. schools, hotels and restaurants. Beyond Meat says that their patties were hand-selected by Sysco, as the newest addition to the Cutting Edge Solutions (CES) scheme, which takes food trends and casts spotlight on new products for their ample customers.

Thanks to this partnership, eating meat-free will be a little bit easier for Americans, with mainstream eateries becoming increasingly more accepting of plant based products. Furthermore, a recent report of global market research shows that due to Millennial influence (64% have tried meatless burgers), a record amount of people are open to choosing meat-free burgers.

This news comes not long after the same company announced they are partnering with Kroger, to bring their plant-meats to an estimated 1,300 grocery chains nationwide. The demand for production got to be so great, they tripled their production to enable distribution to counters across the country. Movie theatres are also offering the patties, and the world’s ‘meat capital’; Hong Kong now has access to the brand.

Image Credit: 5280