The Big Lebowski Inspired Vegan Kebab Shop ‘The Big Kebabski’ Expands to Plymouth

Devon-based The Big Kebabski, a vegan food truck inspired by the 1998 iconic film The Big Lebowski, is making its Plymouth debut.

In an Instagram post, the business wrote“Plymouth – We are coming for ya! We wanted to trade in this city for such a long time now, this is our ‘hometown’ so many memories, fun times with friends…And we feel so lucky that our first ever gig will be at Royal Williams Yard – what a beautiful spot.”

Founders Luke Groombridge and Justa Saczka, who were brought together eight years ago by their love of vegetarian food, launched The Big Kebabski last June.

“When we first met food was the main subject of our conversations and back then vegetarian and vegan options on the menu were quite limited,” Saczka recently explained to local news source Devon Live. “We then started dreaming of having our own street food business and we got our food inspiration after traveling to music festivals in Poland and Croatia.”

Instead of traditional animal-derived kebab meat, which consists of lamb, beef, and sometimes chicken, The Big Kebabski relies on seitan, a plant-based meat made from wheat protein, to make its kebabs. Customers can then choose from a selection of the couple’s signature sauces. The combination is such a hit that it’s winning over meat-eaters as well as vegans, notes Sazka. “We now have non-vegan customers who keep coming back to us and it feels amazing because it reassures us to keep doing what we are doing,” she said.

As well as being vegan, the kebab van is also eco-friendly; the kebabs are served in environmentally-friendly packaging, which can be disposed of in a bin or on a home compost heap if customers desire.

“At the Big Kebabski we feel very strong about saving the environment,” the pair wrote on their Facebook page. “From packaging, designing menus, cleaning products, to sourcing ingredients, we believe that every little helps to reduce the impact on our planet.” 

They added, “[We are] as cruelty free as we can be…we say: eat plants, save the animals! And we also have the dude’s rug…”

The Big Kebabski’s first appearance in Plymouth will be at the Good Food Market at Royal William Yard on October 7.

Image Credit: The Big Kebabski

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