Billie Eilish Creates Vegan Road Trip Map Across the U.S.

Billie Eilish Creates Vegan Road Trip Map Across the U.S.

Billie Eilish just planned your ultimate vegan road trip.

Last month, in the lead-up to the release of her new album — “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” — the 17-year-old singer-songwriter teamed up with delivery service UberEats to give fans a sneak preview.

She also chatted about her favorite vegan food at restaurants across the country, all of which are available on UberEats.

The must-try food list — called “When we all want to eat vegan, where do we go?” — reveals exactly what food fueled the young artist as she penned her debut studio album, which launched in March.

In Austin, Eilish goes for colorful nutritious salad bowls from ATX Food Co., though the eatery also offers comfort food like vegan Electrified Wild Blueberry Pancakes.

Cafe Gratitude is Eilish’s go-to in Los Angeles. The organic, plant-based food chain serves up health shots, smoothies, and spritzers that “give you the healthiest buzz you’ve ever experienced,” the vegan food list noted.

In Miami, Eilish recommends Love Life Cafe. Its signature dish is “one of the most Instagrammable meals in the land.” Called The Love Life Salad, it features organic kale, quinoa, roasted herb veggies, mixed greens, chickpeas, hemp seeds, avocado, and dairy-free parmesan.

By Chloe. in New York (think Guac Burgers with cashew cheese sauce and shiitake bacon) and Araya’s Place in Seattle (vegan Thai food complete with tofu cream cheese) are Eilish’s favorite eats, as is Washington D.C.’s Indian Jones Vegan, one of D.C.’s best Indian restaurants.

When Eilish isn’t on the road, she gets creative in the kitchen by baking. “It’s a therapeutic thing for me to bake. Every time I’m stressed out, I make peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies,” she said to UberEats. When asked what food she would be, she said burritos, due to the sheer amount of them she eats.

Billie Eilish and Veganism

Eilish went vegan around 2014, according to a post on her blog. There were “a lot of reasons” for the change, including dairy’s impact on health and animal welfare – “leave animals alone,” she wrote.

In March, the musician again showed her love for animal-free food when she appeared on an episode of “Hot Ones;” she answered questions about her career and personal life while eating super spicy vegan chicken wings.