These Biodegradable Vegan Sneakers Are 100% Waterproof

These Biodegradable Vegan Sneakers Are 100% Waterproof

The world’s first waterproof, biodegradable vegan sneaker made from cannabis hemp has arrived.

A team of environmentally-conscious entrepreneurs launched the sneakers — named DopeKicks — on Kickstarter.

It’s been a strong start; just 24 hours into Kickstarter at the end of May, the team managed to fund 180 percent of their goal. Now, they’ve raised over $78,000.

“We are a team of entrepreneurs trying to disrupt this very dirty industry with 100% vegan, ecological solutions, made with cool materials and that everyone can afford,” DopeKicks’ bio reads. “We also love cannabis and we think it is one of those super materials that can change the world.”

The upper of the sustainable sneaker is made with strong and responsibly-sourced hemp fibers. According to the team, the material consumes three times less water than cotton and has “minimal impact” on the soil it’s grown in. “By backing our project you are directly supporting hemp farmers around the world,” the team adds.

A Waterproof, Sustainable Sneaker

DopeKicks use recycled rubber for the soles of its vegan sneakers | image/DopeKicks

Thanks to a special coating, the hemp used by DopeKicks is also waterproof, making the shoe a great fit for active explorers and adventurers (or even just those who want to feel confident if they get caught in the rain – looking at you, Brits).

The bottom of the shoe is made with rubber, traditionally sourced from the para tree – grown in South America and Southeast Asia. But this isn’t where DopeKicks sources the material from. “We decided to go the extra mile and actually help clean what our competitors left behind,” reads the Kickstarter page.

“We have partnered up with experienced Portuguese outsole manufacturers to create upcycled soles made from old shoes,” it continues. “They are flexible, durable and save the environment at the same time.”

According to DopeKicks, the shoe industry churns out around 25 billion pairs of shoes every single year, with many ending up in landfills and in the oceans.

The insoles of the vegan sneakers are made with sustainable cork, which helps to create a cushioning base for the foot, which holds its shape, even after years of usage.