Birds Eye’s New Vegan Rainbow Waffles Are Made With All the Vegetables

Birds Eye’s New Vegan Rainbow Waffles Are Made With All the Vegetables

Have you ever woken up, prepared waffles for breakfast, sat down to eat them on a Sunday morning, and thought “these should be rainbow?”

Frozen food company Birds Eye did, and it delivered.

The brand just launched frozen mini vegan rainbow waffles to satisfy all your multicolored cravings. Each waffle is colored without chemicals; they’re naturally bright thanks to the inclusion of different vegetables.

The green waffles are made from garden peas, the red from beetroot, the orange from sweet potato, and of course, the classic yellow is made with potatoes.

The recipe contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or animal products.

Pete Johnson, Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said in a statement, “Birds Eye Potato Waffles have been an iconic part of British teatimes since 1981 and kids and adults continue to love the taste.”

“Birds Eye Rainbow Mini Waffles are a simple but magical mix of fluffy potato mash and vegetable goodness that will introduce more colour and dietary variety to the nation’s plates. We are confident that everyone will love the taste. We’ve heard a rumour that unicorns love them already… in fact, 9 out of 10 unicorns prefer them,” he said.

Birds Eye’s Vegan Food

Birds Eye is on a mission to get people (especially children) to eat more vegan food. On its website, the frozen food company writes about Veg Power, an initiative that promotes healthy eating to combat rising rates of childhood obesity.

Birds Eye launched its first vegan meat range last month. The line, called Green Cuisine, includes plant-based sausages, meatballs, and burger patties.

Passing on soy and wheat, which are commonly used to make vegan meat products, Birds Eye uses pea protein to make its plant-based food. “We take a specially selected variety of pea and take all the protein goodness from the dried peas. Then we add our unique combination of herbs and spices for a succulent taste experience that’s rich in Protein and a source of Fibre,” the brand writes about Green Cuisine, which can be found at Tesco and Asda.

You can buy Birds Eye’s Rainbow Mini Waffles from Iceland as of April 8, at an introductory price of £2.