Birkenstock Launches Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare Range

Iconic footwear company, Birkenstock, renowned for its durable and comfortable sandals and shoes, has announced plans to expand into the sock and skincare market. The new lines will launch this fall.

“Notably, the entire line is cruelty free, vegan and the brand will use renewable raw materials for packaging to be eco-friendly,” The Loop reported.

Birkenstock uses a material made from oak cork in the soles of its shoes, a practice that has become a somewhat iconic feature of the brand. Recently, the German company discovered that this oak cork possesses anti-aging properties that may also help mitigate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

“The natural extract, obtained from the outer layers of cork oak, possesses highly effective anti-aging properties,” The company wrote on its website. “The multi-active cork oak complex that was developed as a result reduces skin redness, stimulates collagen formation and is effective against free radicals.”


The new skincare line, like the shoe brand, will also have a sustainability focus, with a commitment to renewable resources, recyclable materials, and social responsibility components. “For BIRKENSTOCK, health and quality are inseparably bound to a responsible treatment of nature, sustainable development and social responsibility,” the company notes. “BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE relies on renewable materials such as natural cork, as well as recyclable bottles and tubes. Secondary packaging is avoided as far as possible. An intelligent refill system also protects the earth’s natural resources.”

From moisturizers, lip balms, shower gels, exfoliators, serums, cleansers, and oils, Birkenstock Natural Care offers a full line of skin and body care products. The range also addresses the needs of multiple skin types with five different variants: Natural Moisture, Natural Shapes, Natural Age Control, Natural Freshness, and Natural Man.

Later this year Birkenstock will also debut its new line, Natural Comfort, which is made for foot use. Specifically, “freshness, hydration and intensive care for the feet.” After a long day strolling around in a pair of Birkenstocks, the footcare line, aptly paired with new Birken-socks could come in handy.

While Birkenstock boasts a large range of vegan-friendly shoes and has even won the prestigious award for being the “world’s most animal-friendly shoe company,” the brand still uses leather and suede in many of its offerings.

Image Credit: Birkenstock Natural Skin Care | @anty777