Blink 182 Chef to Open Vegan Deli

Blink 182 Chef to Open Vegan Deli

Mary Mattern, previously the private chef for Blink-182 is set to open a vegan deli in April 2018. The deli will be in Orlando, Florida and judging by Mattern’s instagram account it’s going to be a must-visit location.

Tentatively called ‘Heirloom Deli’, Mattern and fiancee, Neil Westfall of A Day to Remember, want to recreate plant based versions of all some old American classics. Mattern’s latest attempts at perfecting these dishes have been documented on instagram, including Maple Tempeh Bacon, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and even Deep Fried Guacamole!

Whilst no-one but Mary, her fiancee, and probably the boys of Blink, can comment on how good a mouthful of these creations would be, the pictures look so good you can almost taste them.

Earlier this year Mark Hoppus announced that he was transitioning to a vegan diet, following in the footsteps of fellow bandmate Travis Barker. In an interview with Forbes Hoppus saidAnimals are awesome, amazing creatures on the planet and a lot of times we treat them like a product, whether it be food, dairy products, leather or elephants in the circus. A lot of times they’re not treated as sentient beings, they’re treated as a commodity and that bums me out.’

Mattern cooked for Blink-182 in summer and fall of last year. Who wouldn’t be jazzed about going vegan when you’ve had Mary Mattern a cooking your food for several months?

Image credit: Element | Heirloom Deli