Body Coach Joe Wicks Debunks Myths Over Needing Meat for Building Muscle

Body Coach Joe Wicks Debunks Myths Over Needing Meat for Building Muscle

Cookery book author, TV Presenter, and fitness coach Joe Wicks – aka Channel 4’s “The Body Coach” – has debunked the myth that meat is necessary to build muscle.

In most of the books in his popular recipe book series “Lean in 15,” many of the dishes are animal product-heavy. However, now, the influencer has discovered the world of vegetarianism. Speaking to Forces Radio, Wicks recently revealed his belief that meat is not an essential dietary component for nutrition or to get fit.

“There are some fitness models out there that are vegan who have got incredible physiques so you’ve just got to be smart about it,” he told Forces Radio. Although he was eager to point out that, in order to feel the benefits, a plant-based diet must still be varied.

“You’ve got to be combining different sources of food to get all the amino acids, you can’t just rely on tofu and Quorn,” he explained. “It’s about educating yourself, you really don’t need to eat steak every single day to hold your muscle, it’s just a myth.”

Demonstrating his new meat-free mindset, the next book in Wicks’ series is purely vegetarian. Set to be released just before Christmas, the book, named “Veggie Lean in 15,”  is the “best one yet,” according to Wicks.

It offers 100 vegan and vegetarian recipes – including roasted courgette and cauliflower linguine, satay sweet potato and kale curry, and apple, carrot, and blueberry muffins.

Inspiring people with his recipes is the most important and rewarding part of the job, according to Wicks, who told Forces’ DJ Hal Stewart he was feeling more motivated than ever.

“I’m more passionate [than i’ve been before],” he raved. “When you start reaching people and building a community and you realise you have an influence and you’re really inspiring people. Now, I’m thinking, how can I reach kids? And how can I work with older people and families so it never ends?”

He added, “The mission I’m on is always going to be can I get people cooking healthy food at home and can I get people exercising?”

To find out more about Wicks and his new book, see here.

Image Credit: Joe Wicks

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