Relax, You Can Now Soak In a Bathtub Full of Vegan Mulled Wine

Body On Demand Launches Vegan Mulled Wine Bath Salts

Blending festivity with relaxation, cruelty-free brand Body On Demand (BOD) offers mulled wine bath salts, enabling you to wash away your Christmas time stress while soaking in a bathtub full of vegan mulled wine.

On the Beauty Bay website, which sells the 20 Min Mulled Wine Bath Salts, the description claims that “BOD Mulled Wine Bath Salts are the perfect solution for a winter, sparkly bathing experience.” The salts are also eco-friendly, as the glitter used to create the shimmery result is biodegradable.

The product features red winter spices, a seasonal blend of cranberries and other fruits, and antioxidant grapeseed oil. According to the product description, “Grape seed oil and red wine extract are powerful antioxidants which can help to brighten tired-looking skin, whilst cinnamon and clove have been known to help calm body and mind.”

BOD bath salts promise to give consumers a “body boost,” brightening skin and removing excess water weight and bloating.

The brand claims that the salts utilise the body’s natural diffusion process when submerged in hot water between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. As the user sweats, toxins are driven out of the body by the “powerful blend of botanical extracts and advanced ionic compounds.” Individuals can supposedly lose up to three pounds of water retention weight after one 20-minute soak.

Whether given as a gift to a mulled wine-loving friend or bought for oneself as a self-care treat, the BOD bath salts are propounded as a Christmas time must-have.

Vegan Bath Fun

BOD’s festive bath salts join a growing number of creative and cruelty-free bath products.

Lush Cosmetics recently launched a Goddess bath bomb inspired by vegan singer Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman” music video. Replicating a famous scene in the music video where Grande lies in a pool of glimmering pastel water, the bath bomb dissolves into patterns of lilac and silver colour. According to Lush, “As each layer unfolds and sodium bicarbonate sends colours swirling, something divine happens to your body. Feel your muscles warming, feel your blood pumping, feel your strength.”

This summer, indie brand Loquita Bath and Body debuted a range of ’90s themed bath bombs. These were moulded into the faces of well-known characters from horror films including Chucky from the film “Child’s Play,” and a “The Craft” inspired purple lip-shaped bomb which revealed a scorpion when dissolved.

BOD’s 20 Min Mulled Wine Bath Salts can be found at retailers including Holland & Barrett, Amazon, and Be For Beauty, and retails at £9.95 per kilogram.

Image credit: Body on Demand

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