Baby Carrot Farm Release New Delicious Range of Vegan Milks

The largest baby carrot producers in North America – Bolthouse Farms have released a new range of plant-milks to appease the growing demand for dairy-free products. This company has been farming for over a century and have combined their extensive farming experience with the latest plant-based nutrition to develop their latest product: Bolthouse Farms® Plant Protein Milk.

You can expect to find this range next to the dairy products in the refrigerator at retailers such as Shaw’s, Safeway East and Kroger. Consumers will be able to choose between four flavours – Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate. They will be available in 48 oz. bottles designed for multiple serves – at a SRP of $4.99.

These refrigerated milks have no dairy yet boast a whopping 10g of pea protein per 8 oz. serving. In comparison, this is 50% more protein than dairy milk contains and ten times the amount of protein in the same serving of (most) almond milk.

Bolthouse Farms® Plant Protein Milk is designed with a clean flavour and has a creamy consistency, making this new option strikingly similar to it’s dairy milk counterpart. Also, these non-dairy milks are a protein-dense option which appeals to drinkers of both non-dairy milk and traditional milk not only because of the flavour and texture but also due to it being free from common allergens and intolerances, non-GMO and vegan-friendly.

Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of C-Fresh, Suzanne Ginestro said, “Current alternative milk options don’t address the needs of more than 40 percent of people seeking great tasting, nutrient rich, allergy-free options. Our Plant Protein Milk was created to satisfy the growing number of consumers seeking plant-based proteins, as well as traditional dairy milk drinkers looking for better food choices that are also rich in calcium.” Replacing agriculture-derived products with plant-based alternatives is quickly becoming the future.

The most recent data shows that the dairy alternative milk sector is set to grow to $4 billion before 2020. Plant-milks such as Bolthouse Farms® Plant Protein Milk are among the products which drive this growth by allowing consumers to choose convenient products that connect their dietary requirements, morals, nutritional and lifestyle needs – with a familiar, great taste.

Committed to making their new products available in mainstream stores and increasing the ready availability, Bolthouse Farms has already begun shipment of their nutritious products to retailers across America. So, why not head on down to your local retailer or stockist and try these plant-milks straight from your glass, in smoothies, cereal bowls or your favourite hot beverage. After tasting, many simply won’t be reaching for dairy-based products again.

Image Credits: Bolthouse Farms Inc