Boost Your Workout With This Vegan Certified BCAA+ Powder

Boost Your Workout With This Vegan Certified BCAA+ Powder

Natural, plant-based foods and supplements can help optimize your performance during training and even improve your recovery time between workouts.

Feeling good about your sports nutrition and seeing positive results can help you stay motivated, and knowing exactly what goes into your nutritional supplements should be simple and transparent.

Fitness nutrition company Tattle says that this is what prompted it to create a line of products based on natural, tasty, sustainable, and transparently sourced ingredients.

Boost Your Workout With This Vegan Certified BCAA+ Powder
Tattle’s natural ingredients are third-party certified.

High-Quality Ingredients, Naturally

Tattle was founded in 2019 to counter the lack of transparency in the health and wellness market. The company goes beyond regulatory requirements and provides its customers with the exact details of all its ingredients.

These details include the quantity, country of origin, and each ingredient’s key characteristics. Every ingredient the company uses is naturally sourced, meaning no synthetics.

“We built a brand that promotes inclusivity, fun, and honesty,” says Tattle founder Stef Cerone. “We created truly natural products that feature some of the most prestigious food certifications in the world, and deliver them straight to you so you get them at the best prices.”

Tattle’s products and ingredients are also third-party-certified by leading global food groups including USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project, and/or Vegan Action.

“True to our name, we adopt the mantra of abnormal transparency and disclose the source, quantity, country of origin, and key characteristics of every single ingredient. Our transparency is our badge of honor and how we hold ourselves accountable to you,” adds Cerone.

For every product Tattle sells, the company also donates $1 to one of its three partner charities. Thirst Foundation, Children’s Hunger Fund, and the JED Foundation. This translates into two years of clean drinking water, four meals, or two students educated on mental health, respectively.

Between mid-March and April 30th, Tattle doubled this contribution and donated it to the World Health Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Boost Your Workout With This Vegan Certified BCAA+ Powder
Tattle’s vegan BCAA+ powder comes in two fresh flavors.

Keeping You Informed

Tattle’s BCAA + Electrolyte, Pre-Workout Energizer, Plant Protein, and Organic MCT Oil Powder are all certified by Vegan Action. Each vegan nutrition product has its own unique application.

Taking an intra-workout BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) supplement can help boost your energy and increase muscular endurance while exercising. BCAAs, in general, help to preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown, thus enabling you to work out for extended periods of time.

Uniquely, Tattle’s vegan BCAA+ powder also includes natural electrolytes to help you rehydrate during and following a hard workout. In order to avoid artificial sources, Tattle uses Organic Coconut Water Powder, Marine Algae, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for its electrolytes.

According to the brand, the addition of natural electrolytes to its fermented BCAA mix makes this product a complete workout solution—providing both muscle endurance and hydration while you get your sweat on.

The Tattle website also allows you to directly compare each product to others in the “See Tattle vs. Competition” section.

Boost Your Workout With This Vegan Certified BCAA+ Powder
Trainer Kyle Axman uses Tattle’s BCAA+ Electrolytes.

Trusted By Fitness Experts

“Tattle BCAA + Electrolytes is my go to drink during tough workouts,” says Kyle Axman, Founding Trainer of Rumble Boxing. “It provides me with hydration and keeps me going during the ladder stages of my workouts. I love their clean ingredients and it tastes great!”

Many producers of BCAA products rely on artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohols, which have been linked to negative side effects. Often, people are forced to choose between artificial ingredients and the acquired taste of unflavored but natural products.

Tattle exclusively uses natural sweeteners and natural flavors to make supplements both functional and fun. Stephanie Pi, Fitness Coach & Marathon Runner uses Tattle’s BCAA+ regularly. She says: “Tattle BCAA has clean ingredients and is effective.  I use it before workouts, during long runs, and in the afternoons for an extra bit of energy to work. It’s so yummy!”

Fermented, plant-based amino acids are more costly to produce than animal-derived ingredients. As the only vegan-certified, fermented BCAA product on the market, Tattle’s mix ensures 100% natural, plant-based ingredients fuel your workouts.

“This is the best tasting natural BCAA’s on the market,” says Certified Trainer & Health Coach Aleah Stander. “Tattle has created a special combination of plant-based amino acids with electrolytes.”

Tattle’s vegan Fermented BCAA+ Electrolytes powder is available in two flavors, Pineapple Passion Fruit and Berry Hibiscus. Try Tattle’s BCAA+ for as little as $24 USD. For a limited time, get 20 percent off with code LIVEKINDLY20 (offer expires June 30, 2020). Shop Now.

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