Boots Launches Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwich and Plant-Based BLT

Boots Launches Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwich and Plant-Based BLT

Boots, the UK’s largest pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, is launching a handful of vegan options to cater to growing demand.

More than 3.5 million people in the UK now follow a plant-based diet, Boots points out in a press release sent to LIVEKINDLY. And to celebrate Veganuary – the month-long pledge to go vegan for all of January – Boots is launching its Delicious Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwich. The sandwich includes a Cumberland-style meat-free sausage, scrambled turmeric tofu, and tomato sauce, all cushioned in soft tomato bread.

Joining the breakfast sandwich is Boots’ new vegan BLT sandwich. “Often when you’re out and about, you want to be healthy but can’t help craving a good old favourite,” Boots said. “Now you can have both!”

The vegan BLT includes juicy vine-ripened tomatoes, dairy- and egg-free mayonnaise, lettuce, and smoky maple syrup-flavoured roasted carrot in place of bacon.


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Also in honour of Veganuary, Boots is offering half price on its vegan-friendly Bioglan Superfood Superberries, packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, folic acid, and magnesium, as well as its Raw Millionaire Bites Salted Date Caramel, an indulgent, plant-based treat.

“There is no denying that veganism has taken the UK by storm, and with more vegan friendly options available in shops, cafes and restaurants it’s easier than ever to get involved in things like Veganuary,” said Boots UK Vitamins Expert Parminder Kaur.

Boots isn’t the only retailer in the UK getting involved in Veganuary. The country’s leading bakery chain Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll at 950 of its stores. The product is so popular that it keeps selling out and stirring up controversy. Talk show host Piers Morgan was targeted on social media after insulting the new vegan option.

And on the 1st, Pizza Hut kicked off 2019 and Veganuary with a limited-edition vegan cheesy jackfruit pizza. If the chain sells 10,000 plant-based pizzas during the month, it promised to keep the item on the menu for good. Due to the rising popularity of plant-based, cruelty-free living, Pizza Hut is “confident” the dish will be a success.

Boots’ new Vegan BLT Sandwich costs £2.75 and the Delicious Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwich will set shoppers back £3.15. Both sandwiches are included in the Boots Meal Deal.

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