Boots Expand Vegan Sandwich Range and Want Your Vote on the Filling

Pharmacy chain Boots, renowned in the UK for its impressive meal deal selection, has launched a poll on twitter asking customers to vote on which new vegan lunch option they would like to see in stores.

There are two options to choose from, one of which is a sandwich and the other, quite excitingly, is a burger! Option A is Hickory Smoked Tofu ‘Ham’, Avo & BBQ Slaw Sarnie, the other is a Sweet Potato & Chipotle Vegan Burger.

The chain already provides several vegan options including a humous and falafel salad, and a houmous, carrot, and coriander sandwich. They also launched a vegan Christmas sandwich option this year the Parsnip Fritter and Butternut Squash sandwich!

Whichever option wins the vote will become part of their USA Style Limited Edition range and will also be available as part of the meal deal! So soon you may be able to enjoy a burger, carrot sticks and smoothie on your lunch break for just £3.99.

But, the power is in your hands as to which product makes it onto the shelves, so head to twitter and let the chain know which sarnie would brighten your weekday lunchtimes!

Image credit: Shutterstock | Boots