Boozy Vegan Mini Golf By Hole 19 Set to Come to Los Angeles

Boozy Vegan ‘Mini Golf’ by Hole 19 Set to Come to Los Angeles

A vegan mini golf course may be coming to Los Angeles. Called “Hole 19,” the concept would be the city’s first mini golf bar, featuring plant-based food and drinks from by local vendors.

“When golfers refer to the 19th hole they are more often than not talking about their local pub, bar or clubhouse. It’s the last stop after a long 18-hole game where they can relax, very similar to ‘après-ski’,” states Hole 19’s official Kickstarter page. “The name Hole 19 derives from these roots and will stay true to them by providing a watering hole for post-game mini golfers seeking a tipple or two after they complete our bespoke course.”

According to Hole 19 founder Kara Godfrey, several vegan food trucks and pop-ups have already committed to the proposed venture. These vendors include vegan mac and cheese from Avocadomama, outrageous plant-based “junk food” from Word of Mouth Truck, clean Southern cuisine from Clean South, and vegan fast-food by Evolution Burger. Hole 19 will also serve vegan beer from local brewery, Modern Times.

Bringing adult mini golf to the U.S.

To fund the project, Godfrey created a Kickstarter campaign. She wrote, “Hey! I’m Kara and this is my passion project, Hole 19! When I first arrived in LA from the UK, I couldn’t believe the concept of ‘adult’ mini golf had not yet swept across the city.”

She continued her pitch:“In London, Manchester, and Liverpool the craze was already at peak. So why in a city full of vibrant neighborhoods, home-grown breweries and award-winning restaurants hadn’t people been introduced to the world of booze and golf?!” 

“After some hesitant visits to the heavily kid-focused mini golf spots we already have in LA, I knew that Hole 19 would be a hit,” Godfrey added.

Hole 19 will channel an aesthetic akin to British golf clubs of the 1920s, overgrown with lush greenery and vines. Additionally, fairy lights will decorate the rafters and rusted golf carts placed throughout the course will be fully stocked with local vegan beer.

Godfrey has set a crowdfunding goal of $60,000 in order to bring Hole 19 to life. To learn more about the project, visit its official Kickstarter page.