Bournemouth University Challenges its Students to ‘Go Vegan’

UK-based Bournemouth University is running a ‘Go Vegan for 30 Days’ challenge in which the hosts are encouraging everyone interested to take part, regardless of whatever their usual diet may consist of.

This student-run initiative was started by the Bournemouth University’s Reducetarian Society. A spokesperson for the society spoke about the challenge, saying “[t]he purpose of creating such an event is to provide an opportunity for those interested in changing their eating patterns to vegetarian or vegan. We are aiming to encourage a greater number of people to begin these diets for the benefits it has on animal cruelty, environmental and human welfare, as well as nutritional benefits.”

Adding the support of the community who follow a similar lifestyle, the same spokesperson says “For some of you it may be to finally start a lifestyle into these eating habits, while for others it may be a long time curiosity. Whatever the reason, you will be supported in many ways with individual support from current local vegetarians and vegans.”

There is a support group on FaceBook, started to encourage support for everyone who accepts the challenge. Although people are enticed into going vegan for 30 days for different reasons, by accepting the challenge, members of the group are united under the common goal of reducing animal product consumption.

To ensure no one is like a fish out of water, group members are given access to monthly schedules – designed to help guide newbies into plant-based eating after the challenge ends. Activities include cooking “Meatless Monday’s”, cultural cuisine themed nights, cooking with friends or housemates, social and educational events held on campus and vegan pizza nights at a local Bournemouth pizza place.

With veganism ever on the rise, particularly among millennials, Bournemouth University is not the first place to offer a vegan challenge, and they definitely won’t be the last. If you’re curious about a vegan diet but not sure where to begin, why not sign up for one yourself? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be in Bournemouth to take part – check out Veganuary or Challenge 22.

Image Credit: 30 Day Vegetarian and Vegan Challenge 2017