You Can Now Buy Boxes of Vegan ‘Everything Bagel’ Waffles

Inspired by the everything bagel, vegan waffle company Swapples now offers Everything Swapples.

From poppy seeds to onion flakes to pretzel salt, everything bagels are traditionally topped with nearly every ingredient the baker can find — if it can go on, then it goes on.

David Gussin allegedly came up with the idea in the 1980s, after sweeping up leftover bagel toppings from the bakery oven. Instead of wasting the crumbs, he persuaded his boss to use the toppings on another bagel, and the everything bagel was born.

Gluten-free Everything Swapples, which come in boxes of four, taste “just like a toasted everything bagel,” according to the brand.

The product is already a hit with customers. One reviewer wrote, “these are better than every everything bagel out there and the best part is, they are better for you!! All natural, so tasty, so filling!!”  Another added, “We LOVE waffles in my house and I’m so excited to find a healthy, delicious one! This is the go-to for the picky eaters.”

Everything Swapples are made with plant-based ingredients | image/Swapples

Where Did it All Begin?

Created by Rebecca Peress, Swapples are a healthy alternative to sugar-filled traditional waffles. They are made with natural ingredients, including yuca root, coconut oil, garlic, and onion.

Peress suffers from an autoimmune disorder and her doctor told her to cut out sugar completely to help the condition. She still wanted a waffle fix, so she began making healthy, savoury yuca-based waffles at home for herself and her colleagues, who loved the recipe.

“One thing was clear: how great the waffles made them feel. They were experiencing the same feeling that I felt when choosing real food over processed foods…and I wanted to share that feeling with the world,” Peress writes on the Swapples website.

“I dubbed the waffles Swapples, quit my desk job, and set forth on what would become the best journey of my life,” she continues. “Driven much by my childhood love of waffles and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we’re now on a mission to inspire others to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, one plant-based waffle at a time.”