Faux Fur for Fall: And It’s Vegan!

In 2017, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri announced that the luxury fashion brand would be dropping fur from all future collections. Why? Because in his view, the material was becoming “a little bit outdated.” In 2018, Donatella Versace, head of Italian label Versace, made a similar reveal. She said in an interview: “Fur? I am out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.” In the last two years, Prada, Calvin Klein, Balmain, Karl Lagerfield, Donna Karan, and many more brands have decided to ditch fur for good, many of them citing ethical reasons. Even Canada Goose, infamous for its coyote fur-lined parkas, has pledged to no longer use virgin fur. But while the real deal has fallen out of favor on the shelves and on the catwalk, vegan faux fur is still very much in.

Ready to cozy up as the weather cools down? A wardrobe staple, the perfect vegan fur coat is out there, ready and waiting for you to snap it up. If you’re not sure where to start shopping, these nine brands all offer snuggly faux options to keep you warm right through until spring.

Stella McCartney uses plant-based KOBA instead of fur. | Stella McCartney

The Coziest Vegan Faux Fur Coats for Fall

1. Stella McCartney

Unlike many other designer labels, Stella McCartney’s brand has never used real fur in any of its collections. In 2016, prior to the influx of fur bans seen across the industry, she said: “I think that the fashion industry can get away with a lot and it is getting away with murder. Fur is the most unnecessary thing in the world.”

Instead of real fur, the brand now uses KOBA. Made with plant-based fibers, KOBA is the first-ever recycled and recyclable animal-free fur on the market. Not only is it an ethical alternative, but the material looks stylish, luxurious, and authentic too. Shop here.

2. BB Dakota

You don’t have to break the bank to look on point this fall and winter. BB Dakota offers a range of stylish vegan fur coat options, all of which are slightly more affordable than the ones you’ll find in designer stores. Not that anyone would notice. The price tag may be inexpensive, but no compromises have been made on achieving that authentic fur-like look and feel. Shop here.

3. Unreal Fur

The clue is in the name; all of Unreal Fur’s coats and jackets are completely vegan and cruelty-free, and the brand has the PETA certification to prove it. It has a faux option for any occasion, from ankle-length 90s-inspired coats to bridal capelets and shearling puffer jackets.

The brand is also striving to become more sustainable; currently, it recycles old scraps of fabric into new products, and it’s working on creating coats with more sustainable fibers, including hemp. Shop here.

Unreal Fur is certified by PETA. | Unreal Fur

4. House Of Fluff

Despite their animal-themed names, like Fox Oversized Peacoat and Vintage Mink Coat, every design offered by House of Fluff is cruelty-free. Founder Kym Canter has a unique story. She used to own fur coats but sold all 26 in her collection to help start up the ethical fashion brand. Like many others who have switched to faux in recent years, she realized that wearing animal fur just didn’t sit well anymore.

She told Vogue: “I loved how glamorous I looked in my fur coats, but at a certain point, it just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t ride the subway wearing them. So, the natural way to get the same look [but feel better about myself] was to make them in faux.” Shop here.

5. Noize

PETA-approved Noize offers a wide selection of vegan fur coats and faux hooded parkas, all of which are made using high-tech synthetic fabrics that match animal-derived materials in “warmth, comfort, and style.” The brand cares about animals, but it also cares about its consumers, so it offers its products for fair and reasonable prices. Shop here.

6. Jakke

All of Jakke’s fur coats–available in a variety of plain and printed styles–are made with vegan materials. They each feature a removable Fur-Free patch on the sleeve, so you can show off your cruelty-free purchase with pride.

Founded in 2015 by Nina Hopkins, the brand has always placed animal rights as a top priority. But as of this year, its clothing designs have the planet in mind too. Forty-five percent of its online collection is made with recycled plastic bottles. Shop here.

7. Donna Salyers

Much like McCartney, Donna Salyers started her brand with a “passion for animals” and the “belief that cruelty-free fashion could be achieved.” That was almost 30 years ago. Now, her dream has been fully realized. The brand offers a wide range of reasonably-priced animal-free coats, ponchos, wraps, capelets, and shrugs. Shop here.

8. Culthread

Slow fashion brand Culthread specializes in stylish, limited-edition pieces “that don’t cost the earth.” The aim of its game is to create sustainable, thoughtful, and timeless designs that you’ll want to wear over and over again. Functionality is also key to the brand. Every single item has pockets on the inside and the outside. You read that correctly. Every. Single. One. Shop here.

9. H&M

A fast-fashion brand, not every single piece offered by H&M is made with sustainability in mind. But, saying that, it has started to offer more environmentally-friendly products recently. Some of its products, like this Hooded Faux Fur Jacket, feature recycled materials. Shop here.

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