Breaded Vegan Sesame Tofu With Veggies or Noodles

Breaded Vegan Sesame Tofu With Veggies or Noodles

Indulge in a delicious dinner with this breaded vegan sesame tofu with veggies or noodles. This vegan Asian-inspired recipe is next level.

My biggest secret to eating a big stir fry full of veggies is to make my crumbled vegan tofu! I absolutely love this vegan tofu recipe and get excited every time I make it. I love to pair it with all my stir-fries and it makes me enjoy them a whole lot more!

Almost every vegan tofu recipe that I’ve seen begins by instructions on how to press tofu. This recipe is not one of those! I’ve tried pressing tofu before and I literally cannot tell the difference? So I’ve stopped doing it. I’m no expert. And yes I do enjoy cutting corners when I can. But for me, I don’t see the point in pressing my tofu and so I never do.

Instead, I just begin by patting my vegan tofu dry with some paper towel to get rid of any excess moisture and that’s it! Lately, I’m really enjoying cutting the tofu into triangle shakes. But you can cut the tofu in whatever shape you like. I used to make just long strips which were just as good. I’ve also made cubes and nugget shapes. I find the best results when I keep the tofu pieces thin (about 1/2 cm) otherwise they’re not very flavourful.

For the crumbing mixture try and source the best quality ingredients you can find. There is a huge range of delicious bread crumb variations on the market now so keeping this tofu gluten-free is very easy. I don’t personally struggle with gluten so I am not too fussed on the breadcrumbs I use. But I try to get as good a quality as I can. Also, try and make sure the dry vegetable stock is all-natural and free from any nasty additives like msg—which is common in stock. You can of course always make your own breadcrumbs and dry stock if you have the time and then use them on lots of other goodies as well!

I found it difficult to photograph this vegan tofu recipe on its own so instead, I’ve added it in a stir fry and buddha bowl form in the photos below. These are a couple of the ways I like to eat this vegan Asian-inspired recipe. But you can eat it however you want. It actually makes a great snack on its own (toddlers and kids love it too). Enjoy!


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This recipe was republished with permission from Hazel and Cacao.